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Little mods I am satisfied with  

Little mods I am satisfied with

Prusa Mini is wonderful little machine capable of awesome prints, and from my experience it gives best results when left in mint state.  IMHO, Prusa has really put a lot of R&D into robust combination of hardware and slicer settings.  Thanks, Prusa team!

My tinkerer nature sought something to mod. It had to be in non-critical area (to not affect print quality), should not need to overhaul the printer and  help a bit so I have nice, warm feeling whenever I use the printer.  Here is what I did.

Rotate X-stepper 90° counterclockwise

In its mint state, the x-stepper cable go down, than make sharp turn up and than turn downward to enter extrusion canal. This could stress the cables. So I rotated the stepper 90° ccw. Now the curve is much smoother.

Add "springiness" to display joint

The plastic in the display housing is not elastic enough to prove smooth operation / position adjustment. I took short bit of silicone aquarium tubing (cca 4 mm long),  large M3 washer and used that tubing as a spring pressing the joint into the socket, but leaving enough room to smoothly move it when needed.

Sharing here in the hope it will be of use for someone.

Do you have any such mods?


Posted : 19/11/2023 12:11 am