Enclosure Ventilation. A „smarthome“ approach
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Enclosure Ventilation. A „smarthome“ approach  

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Enclosure Ventilation. A „smarthome“ approach

just a couples of ideas:

Hi, I got my new Prosa enclosure and found that the problem was to keep the enclosure cool, rather than getting up to temperature printing ASA or similar. Especially the buddyboard got quite hot

the supplied ventilation can‘t be turned on while printing because the draft is strong and even some PETG prints started to warp.

so i got a 120m ppm fan with a manual regulation (noctura). Since I have some spare smart-plugs from my smart home I used an Aqara temperature sensor and an automation to turn the fan on and off. ( the small sensor is placed above the buddybord,on the z Axis top.

above 32 degrees the fan starts to blow. Not very fast, so it is verry quite. But that’s enough to keep the temp in the enclosure down. (I wedge the top of one door open only a bit. But that seems to be enough)


second Iso just a couples of ideas a 80mm fan with a temp regulator. I printed a new cover for the buddybord. The fan is press-fit. The draft goes up and out towards the back and to the direction of the 120 mm fan. Since the regulator of the 80mm fan keeps the fan idling at 600 rpm, I also set up an automation, so also the buddyboardfan starts only if the enclosure fan is triggered.



later on I will place a second hepa-carbon filter in front of the 120mm fan.


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