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PrusaSlicer 2.6.0-beta1  

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PrusaSlicer 2.6.0-beta1

Hello all. We are happy to announce the release of PrusaSliver 2.6.0 Beta1, this is the latest version that is out of alpha and now entering the beta. Please feel free to use it and if there are any bugs, please use the github system to submit a trouble ticket. 


​This is the first beta release of PrusaSlicer 2.6.0, mostly fixing bugs found in the previous alphas. See the release logs of 2.6.0-alpha22.6.0-alpha32.6.0-alpha42.6.0-alpha5, and 2.6.0-alpha6. for the complete list of changes with respect to 2.5.2.

With this release, PrusaSlicer not only brings fixes but also introduces several noteworthy improvements to existing features. Highlighting the most significant enhancements, the Cut tool has been upgraded to provide increased power and functionality, Organic supports have undergone improvements to enhance stability and reliability, and modifications have been made to improve compatibility presets for multitool printers.

To let you enjoy the beta without worries, the beta builds save their profiles into the PrusaSlicer-beta directory, so you may use the beta side by side with the current release without ruining your production configuration. When you first run the beta, it will search for all configurations produced by alpha or final versions and offer to create a copy of the latest one.

Upgrades of the Cut Tool for selective object splits #9472#9577#9922,

The improved Cut tool now offers more flexibility by allowing users to selectively select parts of the object which should not be cut. Selection and deselection of the parts can be controlled with the right mouse button. Note that when some parts are selected, PrusaSlicer will always generate two separate objects, the option to leave everything as parts of one object is not available.

Changes in modification of compatibility of presets

When using a Multitool printer (with 'single_extruder_multi_material' turned off), PrusaSlicer now filters filament presets and presents the user with only the appropriate filaments based on the compatible printers conditions ('compatible_printers_condition') for each individual extruder. This change also introduces a new combobox in the Filament settings, simplifying the listing of extruders.

Other improvements with respect to 2.6.0-alpha6

  • Embossed text objects can now be edited in Simple mode.
  • When using MainSail/Fluidd print host, PrusaSlicer now uses Moonraker API, without relying on OctoPrint compatibility mode being enabled.
  • A new ‘Hide/Show Custom G-Code’ button was added to the G-Code preview. The range of color scale in the legend is possible to visualize without the effect of the purge line. The button is available only for parameters where it is relevant (Width and Volumetric flow rate) #10259
  • Improved error reporting when the last layer exceeds the maximum build volume height due to variable layer height. The name of the object violating print height is reported. Improvement is related to original issues. #9467 #9519 #9646
  • macOS specific: Fixed performance issue with the G-Code viewer when travels were enabled.
  • Added 'Zoom to mouse cursor' by Shift+Mouse wheel. Thanks to @LiZ-Li-BBL
  • Thumbnails generated to G-code now use the same colors as in the 3D view. #4577
  • The slicer now includes an improved algorithm for overhang speed slowdown and avoiding curled filament. A new and tuned estimation method is applied for the curled height of the filament. The estimated curling now affects the slowdown of overhang speed on external perimeters and also on internal ones. #9756. The new enhancement should significantly improve surface quality and prevent artifacts, without slowing down internal perimeters unnecessarily.
  • After slicing an object with negative volumes in SLA mode, users now have the ability to toggle the visualization on or off, allowing for better control over the final geometry in the 3D editor. This convenient new button for switching between visualizations is located adjacent to the object, facilitating an intuitive user experience.
  • New ensuring addresses the occasional occurrence of local zig-zag patterns that were generated in the ensuring perimeters. It detects segments with short movements that cause vibrations and can reduce surface quality, and fixes them. #9970
  • Improvement of Organic supports by preventing collisions between the main object and its own support branches. Note that the collision issue between different objects and their support branches remains unresolved. #10247
  • The bottom interfaces of Organic supports have been fixed and enabled, providing enhanced stability when positioned on the model's body. #9512
  • The user now has control over the utilization of either one or two perimeters for Organic supports using the support_tree_branch_diameter_double_wall parameter. #10304

Improvements in bridges over internal infill

  • Improved the algorithm so it does not generate extremely long bridges when the layer below is very sparse. #10222
  • PrusaSlicer now detects areas where internal bridges require anchoring to perimeters and enhances it by adding an extra ensuring line in the previous layer. This addition provides support and enhances structural stability for the bridges.
  • Furthermore, PrusaSlicer has improved the handling of internal bridges when using Lightning infill. It expands the Lightning infill around bridged surfaces, ensuring improved anchoring for a greater number of bridges.

Bugs fixed with respect to 2.6.0-alpha6

  • Fixed crash at startup of PrusaSlicer when any of the SVG files used as icons in dialogs is renamed or removed.
  • Fix of Undo-Redo mainly for Emboss text tool. Undo-Redo will not add new parts after the text edit is closed.
  • Fixed crash in SLA, when an instance of the object is selected after slice.
  • Resolved the issue where the speed was not reset correctly after travel when dynamic fan speed was enabled. This caused travel speeds to be used for printing. #10229
  • Refactor of export archives for Anycubic Photon Mono and Mono SE printer. Thanks to @Mimoja #9929
  • The Ensuring algorithm was filtering perimeters too aggressively causing several issues, including making holes in top surfaces with low inclination (#9978), some bridges not being anchored properly into perimeters (#10231), and non-anchored solid fill when slicing with one top/bottom surface and very low minimal shell thickness. #9988
  • Fixed a rare crash in Placeholder parser, when the respective Custom G-code contained specific erroneous syntax. #10183
  • The wrong flow was used for spacing of internal bridging over infill causing an error when a small nozzle diameter was used or a small layer height was applied.
  • The 'Dynamic overhang speed' feature applied volumetric limits incorrectly for some overhangs. By now for a zero input value, the external perimeter speed is used instead. #10269
  • Fixed ‘Bad function call’ without any obvious reason for Organic support. #9892
  • Fixed height detection when using sequential printing. #10312
  • Linux specific: Fixed object disappearing when opening SLA hollowing or support gizmos.
  • The issue of broken object indexing for the 'Label object' feature has been fixed by assigning an incremental index randomly to each object and adding relevant comments, making it easy to cancel objects in OctoPrint and other applications. #10257
  • Fixed error when adding instance to a mirrored object.
  • When adding an instance use the orientation of the currently selected instance.
  • Fixed a crash when sending G-codes to "Mainsail/Fluidd" print host (introduced in 2.6.0-alpha6). #10210
  • Resolved the issue where entering too low or too high values for parameters Branch Diameter and Tip Diameter resulted in errors such as "Divided by zero" or caused the software to crash. #10385
  • Windows specific: Fixed the issue where disconnecting an SD card that was connected via an external card reader would also disconnect the card reader, requiring it to be disconnected and reconnected to be loaded again. The new code also triggers Windows notifications. #9881
  • Fixed the issue where the SLA support gizmo was inactive and was not possible to slice due to invalid data. The issue was triggered by attempting to hollow an object without proper settings.
  • Fix of crash upon loading a 3mf project with cut objects. #10319
  • Fixed occasional crash in Organic supports. #9665
  • Fix an issue where the 'Place on Face' gizmo did not work correctly with instances, causing the marks on the surface to be inactive for added instances.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when an object placed outside of the print bed was arranged. #10241#10278#10416
  • Fix of crashes in the Support Point and Hollowing gizmos when used with non-printable objects. As a result, SLA supports and Hollow gizmos are now disabled when a non-printable object is selected, and users are prevented from setting an object to non-printable while these features are active.
  • Fixed occasional crashes during arrange.
  • Resolved issues when rotating individual instances around the X or Y axis (crash on macOS, incorrect selection on Windows and Linux).
  • Fixed a bug in the rounded extrusion calculation. This issue caused inconsistent bridge extrusion widths for different 'bridge_flow_ratio' values. #9007
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a project while the camera was positioned below the print bed.


  • Updated translations and phrases.


  • Add Voron Switchwire printer initial bundle (thanks to @stucamp)

individual program download;

Please report any bug or issue here

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