MMU2s colour change - ask which filament?
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MMU2s colour change - ask which filament?  

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MMU2s colour change - ask which filament?

I wanted to print a bunch of these:

As in the sample, I want to make the base a brown, and do a colour change for the icing.  I'm planning on making a few with different coloured icing.

If I choose the "MMU2S Single" setting when slicing and add a colour change, the printer asks which filament to use when it first starts and then expects me to change that filament entirely when it comes time, which is a double pain.

If I choose the "MMU2S" (regular) I can select a different extruder but that means I still need to swap out the icing filament.  I can make 4 different exports to swap between the different filaments but that feels like a hack, not to mention the waste in time and filament building the tower.

What I want is for it to ask which filament to switch to when the colour change comes, so that I can load brown into 1, white into 2, red into 3, etc... and just select which one I want it to load.  Is that possible?

Posted : 03/10/2023 11:51 am