Layer not bound to infill edges
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Layer not bound to infill edges  

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Layer not bound to infill edges

Is there a way to force the top layer after infil to print all the way to the edge even if another infill may be printed on top?

You can see how the layer after the infil stops mid way over the infill and that cause the edges to curl up and since there's nothing in there to adhere to the end edge.

Bottom photo is layer 10 and you can see how it stops in the middle of the infill. Above that is the model it is printing. It is thst far edge that will get more infill that I think is causing the issue. Above that are samples of how it looks *after* I snip off anything that's above surface. And the last one (top) is another print where I pushed down each return as it was printing, hence preventing it from curling up.

Napsal : 25/03/2023 9:38 pm
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RE: Layer not bound to infill edges



This is normal, it's fine. Slicer over shoots the needed bound area to make sure that its covering enough area for the layers above.

Roll with it and print on.

Napsal : 25/03/2023 11:39 pm