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What are the 5 types of Building Construction?

Can you differentiate between different types of building structures? As a consumer, you may know about building design and architecture. Still, before opting for the housing choice, you need to work closely with the concrete contractor bay area, to know better about the building you may be used in the future.

The very first step is to know your requirements. What type of building do you want, and for what purpose? For example, if you choose a high-rise building to live in, you need to know its type for safety purposes and the material the contractor uses to construct that building.

Types of BuildingFire Resistive

The first question comes to mind is this suitable for row houses? No, this construction is ideal for high-rise buildings like hotels, apartments, and significant commercial buildings over 75 feet.

The construction cost is high, and spreading fire can lead to drastic consequences. So, concrete contractors in the bay area can use reinforced concrete and protected steel to make it long-lasting.

As more people stay in these buildings, the purpose is safe evacuation. These buildings can withstand a fire for four hours, and the chances of collapse are low.


These are not suitable for residential purposes. However, these are most suitable for schools, malls, and newly renovated commercial complexes. The structure is the same as the fire resistive.

These buildings cannot withstand high temperatures and are prone to collapse, so the builder's purpose is to provide good ventilation and stop the consequences of high temperatures. The contractor constructs the metal roof, walls, and tilt-slab walls.


The next comes the ordinary! Mainly, houses come under the Ordinary category. The purpose of these buildings is to stop the fire from spreading to nearby buildings. The exterior walls are built from non-combustible materials, concrete blocks, brick, precast panels, and many more.

These buildings have sprinklers and high power to ventilate, making them robust against fire resistance. At the same time, the interior structure is made from a wooden frame. It can also be categorized into type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 - They are combustible, and the exterior wall can withstand the fire for 2 hours while the rest of the building is protected for 1 hour.

Type 2 - They are ordinary buildings; the exterior walls get protection for 2 hours, and the rest have little resistance.Heavy Timber

These buildings are substantial but cannot provide resistance against the fire. In this type, the buildings are made from wooden material. It is the oldest construction style, and you can find this type of construction in barns, factories, and ancient churches.

The contractor has to fulfill particular specifications for the construction. For example, beams, columns, and girders should have 8 inches of thickness, and the roofs and planks should be 6 inches thick.       

Wood Framed

Frames, floors, and roofs are made from wood. It is generally the cheapest construction method for small families and garages. It is not robust and cannot protect against fire. Concrete contractor bay area can offer two- types of wood frame buildings:

Type 1 - It is a traditional method where the floors, roofs, walls, and frames are made from fire-rated material.

Type 2 - It does not require fire resistance. Interior walls are made from combustible interior and structural components.


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