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Prusa XL 2-Tool Semi-Assembled : Round 2  

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Prusa XL 2-Tool Semi-Assembled : Round 2


Ok so I have been very vocal about my XL Multi 2 Tool unit that I had received . I have posted multiple videos, comments and photos of my 2 month experience with the machine . I was working with Prusa support on chat which had then moved off to an email chain with not only support but engineers as well . Were they fast with responses , not entirely but very helpful and willing to assist every step of the way . I will not say bad thing about their support, they have always been extremely helpful with me with anything over the last 3 years of our farm growth.

With that said we did come to a conclusion that the machine was to be internally tested and it was returned it to them . I had received my replacement unit and it is a different machine ( hardware wise ) from what I had before . What’s wild is a 3 month difference from the original machine as compared to this unit . These are the changes that I have noticed with this one . This is a factory assembled one that I am working here . I will refer you to them as V1 ( original machine ) and V2 ( new machine )

First while opening the package there was a noticeable change in the packaging style with more carboard between the rails both horizontally and vertically .  The big tub of gummies was no longer sitting on the bed but a large bag in the back of packaging . I mention this because there was a lot of feedback ( I have read ) and seen with other machines received with warped beds and / or mis aligned beds , they couldn’t figure out if it was related or not . So I’m sure this was a QOL change to make sure it wasn’t an issue.

Next the LCD display on V1 had the ground earth cable sticking out of the bottom almost touching the workbench . The V2 design LCD has the connections and ground moved to the opposite side of the PCB with the connections & earth ground now towards the frame . Huge plus and much better in my opinion.

The V2 extruder assemblies on both tools now have an updated seal design with a small piece of tin in the middle and a bent section at the tip to put more solid pressure against the nozzle in dock . The V1 unit had a different design housing and seal that was much more flimsy . The seam design is much easier to adjust and there’s an included video as well as to how to properly set it .

When assembling V1 to add the dock on the rail it fit in the slot perfectly (but oddly had a very tiny amount of play) and on V2 the dock assembly at first seemed to not fit , when I contacted support (before I forced it) they had said it was an updated design and once tightened it will cause a grip to give a sturdier solid hold. So tightened it down with some force and that sucker is solid where on V1 it was never really super tight. Overall, the dock housing printed part is a different deign than what was on my previous machine (a much-improved version i might add) 

The grouping of wiring and PTFE on V1 always had a real harsh bend and lean towards the left side of the machine no matter how I tried to twist or move the bundle or clips . The V2 machine has a slightly different style support rod with the 2 mount holes. V1 had 2 holes in in the end with no notch , V2 as in the photo has the 2 holes but now the one side is notched . The bundle now is perfectly supported straight up and down . The alignment and fitment is far better and seems more consistent.

V1 machine always had a really weird loud clunk from the rear motors whenever it would start to move to grab a tool head . V2 seems like a much tighter build and super smooth all around when moving through its motions. 

The V2 machine came with nozzle sock covers where as V1 did not

Different design USB stick and Prusa Branded as well

The side sensor on V1 had just a labels 1 and 2 marked on it ( 1 on top 2 bottom hole ) with 2 small pieces of PTFE for loading . This unit has labeling 1 2 3 with 3 pieces of PFTE ready to add another tool head

The filament load process on the V1 had consistent clicking and load issues and jamming . The V2 filament feels a little tighter going into the side sensor but loading perfectly smooth no issue what so ever

The WiFi Antenna setup on V1 was on the LH side and felt like an awkward location where it was ( right behind the sensor with tubes ) . The V2 has an all new design with multi location mounting options with adapters and cabling .

The install and setup manual has way too many changes and updates to mention here . A lot of rechecking things like bed alignment , screw tension , belts , idler alignments etc …

Fired off a single color and a dual color test print of the Prusa logo that normally comes on the machine when you receive them . These 2 looked spot on to what their supplied one was . I was very happy to see that . The V2 is over all a lot quieter and seems smoother in motion and less jerky that V1 .

I ran off a temp tower , adjusted the nozzle seals and some temperatures according to the temp tower results . First multi color print has been started and after some more adjustments and tweaking I will update for anyone interested . I just hope this thing doesn’t output the same mess the other one did

I was really happy to see that it seems they are listening to people and making a lot of changes & fast as well . If you’re waiting for your machine , I would say be patient because they are updating and addressing issues . I can only imagine that after another few months there’s gonna be even more . These changes listed here are only what I noticed , I’m willing to bet there was a lot more just not as noticeable on semi-assembled unit .


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