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Parts of the print stick to the FEP film  

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Parts of the print stick to the FEP film


I have ordered new original Prusa Tough Resin.

Since then I have had problems with the print.

Resin: Prusament Resin Tough Sandstone

Exposure time 1st layer: 35s

Now I have the effect with 90% of the prints that apparently during printing the print sticks to the FEP film.

For example (as seen in the picture):Print of 6 objects. 2 objects are printed correctly, 4 objects "float" in the resin. These objects are only 40 or 60% printed When I remove one of the objects from the resin with tweezers, I notice that they stick to the FEP film.

If the print is repeated, it is usually the objects at the same position on the print platform that stick to the film.I have increased the time for the 1st layer to 45s, 60s and 90s without success.

Before the Sandstone Resin I printed with Azur, here the effect did not occur?

The printing platforms are absolutely clean and washed with isopropyl, the FEP film is absolutely transparent and newly applied.

Can someone help me, I am desperate, 2 litres of resin are already wasted.

Many thanks and greetings, Wolfram


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Posted : 16/03/2023 10:21 am
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RE: Parts of the print stick to the FEP film

Here is a picture from the slicer:


Posted : 16/03/2023 10:29 am
Ben Marshall Designs
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edit: just realized you're on the SL1, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt (I'm on SL1S).


I know this is an older post, however I've been using a lot of prusa resins lately. I've only used Orange, Anthracite, and Black - however 35s seems like a long exposure for first layer. I'm using 20-25s; that long of an exposure seems like the build plate would lose the tug of war or create a weak bond because the FEP has a better bond at that exposure length. Not sure if you've resolved this issue, but maybe reducing exposure would improve bond on the build plate. 

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