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SpoolJoin "niche" use  

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SpoolJoin "niche" use


I have an MMU3 on a Mk3S that is pretty well dialed in. For the "niche" use of SpoolJoin that is mentioned in the MMU2 article, it says to preload spools 1 and 3, and the print sliced to use them as such, with spool 2 as the backup, and the printer will use spool 2 when spool 1 runs out. It also says that when spool 5 runs out, ti will move on to spool 1. Do these two tactics work in conjuntion? I currently do a lot of prints that use 3 and sometimes 4 spools, and I have the prints sliced to use spools 1-4. Can I slice a print to use spool 5 instead of spool 1, turn on SpoolJoin with spool 1 as the back up, and expect it to use spool 1 once spool 5 runs out, while still using spools 2-4 normally?


Thanks. Brad.

Posted : 20/11/2023 9:35 pm