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Trouble printing with soluble supports  

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Trouble printing with soluble supports

Hi everyone, I'm trying to print soluble supports but I cannot get the soluble material to stick to the bed. From what I've read interface supports are the solution to this but for whatever reason in the Prusa slicer it still wants to include soluble support material in the first layer. How do I make the first layer strictly pla? 

Here is an image of what the slicer is trying to do with the first layer right now. White being the soluble material. Thanks in advance!

Posted : 17/10/2020 9:22 pm
Ryan S
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RE: Trouble printing with soluble supports

Probably too old of a post but ill reply anyway: just rub the Kores glue stick on the print sheet where the soluble support is going to be printed. Works for me.

Posted : 08/11/2021 2:18 am