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Using MMU Extruding during prints  

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Using MMU Extruding during prints

Why are’nt the MMU using the extruder stepper motor during prints , with buffer and long feeding ptfe’s it would improve the printing enormous and take away lots of problems. Its just an easy programing fix …

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Respondido : 28/08/2021 6:01 pm
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I don't think it would be an easy fix. It would be very difficult to make sure the MK3 and MMU would feed exactly the same amount of filament all the time. Both use different kind of gears and  if the filament dimensions and roundness are not constant that would mess things up even more.


And the extruder in the MK3 should have no problems with the resistance in the tubes and buffer. If those are causing problems for you, that is where you have to fix things.

Respondido : 29/08/2021 11:43 am