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MMU2s printing issue  

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MMU2s printing issue

Hi all I just set up the mmu2s onto my mk3, I’ve done several calibration on bed level, xyz already.

however, my printing is still like this, which makes me so frustrated, how can I avoid this issue and get a better printing result?

I am currently using a roll of e-PLA MATTE (Brand E sun from mainland China) and at this moment I’m  not sure if it’s about the filament quality issue. 

thank you for your help 🙂

Posted : 02/05/2022 8:20 am
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RE: MMU2s printing issue

One more image attached

Posted : 02/05/2022 9:17 am
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Since the MMU2 installation not only adds the MMU2 but also means modifying the extruder. I'd recommend to do some troubleshooting to narrow it down to one of the two components.

Just remove the PTFE between MMU2 and extruder and start a MMU single mode print and select a loaded slot, the MMU2 will feed the filament into the air (You can also select an empty slot and stick some filament into the selector from the front, to trigger the FINDA probe during initial loading). After a second or so feed filament (from a different spool which is not connected to the MMU2 or buffer or something) manually into the extruder, this will make your printer think it has successfully loaded the filament and it will start to print without using the filament passing through the MMU2.

If the print is ok like this, your MMU2 is the problem, probably there is too much resistance in the filament path, there are several tweaks to reduce that (pass through adaptor, bigger ID PTFEs).

If the print still comes out like on the pictures it's time to check the extruder itself (alignment of filament path, PTFE inside, gears, idler door tension).

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Posted : 02/05/2022 10:12 am