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Revo 6 Thin Walls PETG issues  

Revo 6 Thin Walls PETG issues

Hi there. I was searching through the web all around and could not find any topic related to my issues.I just recently switched to REVO 6 on 8 of my Mk3S+ and I have big issues with printign thin walls as there seem to be issue with retractions and haveng the first few mm of printed line in good shape. It never catches on. As long as I was using the V6 original I had perfect prints with smooth walls and basically zero stringing. No there is a bit of a stringing (nothing serious) but a lot of gaps in wall with bad adhesion in first 2mm.Material PETG (Devil Design, Prusa, anything). Fresh with no moist in it. Temps: 230/80, Speeds recommend by Slicer for Devil Design as the rest of a settings basically.PID Calibration done for 230 and Im running curently 3.11 where is no thermal control.

Im using hardened 0,4 revo. But brass version was even worse as from my previous experience hardened nozles are much better for petg.

I modified retractions lower and higher with no visible succes unless I make the extra lenght very big but then that is a issue with the rest of a print.I just found out that there is a revo/community upgrade for fw 3.13 but I dont think that this will be the issue.

Im honestly lost as no setting modification does not show any movement to better/worse.

Can anyone help me please? Pretty please 🙁

another gaps the worst part Revo print These inner corner is how it usd to look like.


Posted : 29/08/2023 11:46 am