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Revo 6 - Clogs & Stuck Nozzle  

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Revo 6 - Clogs & Stuck Nozzle

I installed a Revo 6 nozzle in my MK3S+ a couple months ago.  I've made some great prints with it and it adds a lot of versatility to my printing.  I also modified my PrusaSlicer printer profiles to allow for quick nozzle swaps, following E3D's guide on filament retraction and longer wipe found here.  My post-print retraction is set to 18mm per their guide.

I'm having two problems, though:

- Somewhat regularly, I'll remove a nozzle without too much force, but I can't get the replacement screwed in fully.  It'll be far more difficult to screw past a certain point, like there's a bit of filament goo in the way.   I'll often have to reinstall the first nozzle, heat everything up, remove the filament, cool down, and try again.  I can usually get it snug with no filament installed.

- I've had a couple instances of full clog where the extruder can't load new filament in.  This happened this past week with some 3DFuel PLA Pro.  I heated up the nozzle to 250, let it sit, and tried to load cleaning filament, and it wouldn't budge.  I tried needles, no luck.  I finally opened up the extruder last night and found the blob right at the bottom tip of the PTFE tube, like so:

Blobloblaw's clogblob

It seems to me that the post-print retraction is causing problems.   Any suggestions on how to improve this?  I came across a reddit post suggesting a longer retraction - 25mm I think - but I'm wary of that causing a clog even higher up (unless it just pulls it all the way clear of the extruder).   Others have stuck to the 18mm without reporting the same issue.

Revo owners that have experienced this - what has worked for you?    I've disabled the post-print retraction until I figure it out, but I would like to not have to heat -> unload -> cool -> swap -> heat for every nozzle change.

Thanks for your help!


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RE: Revo 6 - Clogs & Stuck Nozzle

I have been using E10 and it has been working for me.   I print with petg, rarely pla.

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Themenstarter answered:

Interesting, will give that a shot, thanks!  How'd you arrive at 10, if you don't mind me asking?

It's worth mentioning that it's almost always stringier filament - PETG or PLA Pro/+ that seems to cause problems.   Most plain PLA has been trouble-free. 

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RE: Revo 6 - Clogs & Stuck Nozzle

E18 works fine for me on both of my printers.  I print PETG pretty much 24/7 with lots of color changes / filament swapping.  Big thing for me was the revo upgrade needed a +10c increase even after PID calibration to work properly.

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Themenstarter answered:
RE: Revo 6 - Clogs & Stuck Nozzle

I made some headway on the cause.  The tip of the filament after retraction often had a blob like this:


Per the E3D guide, I added a small extrusion before retracting - after the nozzle is moved away from the print, so you don't leave a zit on your freshly completed print.   The filament tip is much cleaner now and no new jams yet. 

This is my current End G-Code:

G4 ; wait
M221 S100 ; reset flow
M900 K0 ; reset LA
{if print_settings_id=~/.*(DETAIL @MK3|QUALITY @MK3|@0.25 nozzle MK3).*/}M907 E538 ; reset extruder motor current{endif}
{if max_layer_z < max_print_height}G1 Z{z_offset+min(max_layer_z+30, max_print_height)}{endif} ; Move print head up
G1 X0 Y200 F3000 ; home X axis
G1 E2 F800 ;Revo - Extrude slightly
G1 E-18 F800 ;Revo - retract filament from meltzone
M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
M140 S0 ; turn off heatbed
M107 ; turn off fan
M84 ; disable motors


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