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BTT CB1 + Pi4 Adapter and Octoprint  

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BTT CB1 + Pi4 Adapter and Octoprint

Hello fellow artists!


I'm wondering if any of you has gotten the BTT CB1 + PI4 Adapter to work with Octoprint?

I've tried flashing the SD card with OctoPi, but that results in no video output on the screen I have connected (had an old 24" just laying around)

I've now installed the BTT Debian OS (CB1_Debian11_minimal_kernel5.16_20230303) and gotten the PI4 to finally connect to wifi and display all the things and I am able to SSH through MobaXterm SSH client, but as many of us I'm not quite fluent in using SSH clients to communicate and command them to do my bidding, sooooo. 

If anyone has gotten this stuff to work together and is willing to aid a fellow 3dPrinter it would me much appreciated!


With regards from Iceland



Publié : 17/04/2023 7:55 pm
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