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Type of paint

Dear Community!

I am curious about what type of paint is prusa using for painting the frame? Can you name vendor or point on excact paint in shop?

I have small project where this type of paint will definately blend in.

Thanks in andvance!

Postato : 17/07/2020 7:27 am
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RE: Type of paint

I don't think its paint, I think the frame is powder coated.

Postato : 17/07/2020 7:47 am
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RE: Type of paint

Hello and welcome in Prusaforum!

The frame of the i3 is made of high-strength aluminum (dural) and then powder-coated.

The best way to inquire about the type of color used is to contact Prusa (if they even know).

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Postato : 17/07/2020 7:56 am