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Printing a kind of a box : looks like a bad weld  

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Printing a kind of a box : looks like a bad weld


I'm facing an issue with my Prusa MK3, everytime I try to print something that kind of looks like a box, this occurs.

I've been trying many different things on Prusa Slicer, different height, temperature, speed... Same result.

It's exactly at the junction of the walls and the flat area of the printed piece.Depending on the height of the piece, this happens. By that, I mean that it's not something related to the Prusa itself, because the height varies.

I did a few XYZ cubes to test, and they came out perfectly (from both Prusa Slicer and Cura).

So if anyone may have an idea, it would be awesome !


Posted : 28/09/2022 7:11 am
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RE: Printing a kind of a box : looks like a bad weld

try searching for "buldge"  and yes that spelling while incorrect is accurate.  Its a massive thread and unfortunately I dont have a direct link available saved for it.

Posted : 28/09/2022 8:08 am
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The Bulge:

This is a well-known phenomenon, with more than 20 pages of discussion in this forum.

TL;DR: Many suggestions, no universally applicable solution.

To quote @bobstro:

Happily, this was described as a “buldge” in an early post and that misspelling has made the problem very easy to search for. There are several threads you might want to look through:

Thread one - Buldge when print reaches solid layers.

Thread two - Any tips to get rid of the bulge?

Thread three - Mitigate wall bulge.

Posted : 28/09/2022 10:44 am
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RE: Printing a kind of a box : looks like a bad weld

That's great ! Thank you to both of you ! 

I was having difficulties to find the right terminlogy for this, and find what I was looking for, I'm going to dig into it !

Posted : 28/09/2022 11:46 am