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Controlling extruder filament LOAD SPEED?  

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Controlling extruder filament LOAD SPEED?


I'm trying to load flex filament. I know that I shall have all gears loosely in order not to pull the filament to hard at the entry and also not to push it into a knot at the exit.

Also flex filament shall be printed slow enough to prevent the filament to get entangled. Something you can observe nicely in the printprofiles.

Unfortunately the thing that needs to be completed before one starts printing slowly is ... loading the filament...
I don't find any settings that can slow down the filament loading cycle itself. Both the MMU2S as the iMK3S extruder would benefit from bringing that speed down. (How) can I achieve this??

Thanks for sharing!

Respondido : 06/04/2021 6:23 pm