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Volunteer for MK3S+ maintenance workshop in Ethiopia  

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Volunteer for MK3S+ maintenance workshop in Ethiopia

We are a Swiss based association of volunteers who collaborate since many years with a university in Ethiopia ( Our objective is to foster north-south collaboration and to promote entrepreneurial thinking. Every year we organise 2 business and tech weeks in Ethiopia with students from schools and universities in Switzerland/ Europe.The aim is to support the Ethiopian students to create their own business.Last year, we have organised a 3D printing hackathon week and we have donated 3 Prusa i3 MK3S+, which are used at the university in Ethiopia. They work fine, however we have seen that there is a lack of knowledge concerning maintenance, callibration, usage of different materials etc. We would like to organise during our next visit (probably end of October 2023) a several day maintenance training for a group of around 10 staff and students, who should afterwards serve as trainers (train the trainers). The know how level is currentrly rather basic. We are looking for somebody who would be ready accompany our group and organise the maintenance trainings over several days. As we are fully voluntary based, we cannot offer any salary but we can cover any costs during the week (flight, local transport, board and lodging. Is anybody with the appropriate experience on MK3S+ maintenance intersted in knowing more about the project? Just let me know, afterwards we can organise an online exchage for more information.

Posted : 14/04/2023 9:29 am