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extruder collision radius - sequential printing  

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extruder collision radius - sequential printing

Is there a way to define an extruder collision radius for individual objects in a multi-object print scenario.   Sequential printing parameter set to "complete individual objects".

Question about illustration/explanation in the "Sequential Printing" section, subsection "Collisions", topic "Height".  In the "example" for height - shouldn't the illustrations be reversed based on the above illustration explanation?  The first illustration seems like it would work regardless if the objects are completed individually or not.  The second illustration would only incur a collision if the objects were not completed individually.  

I'm a novice to 3D printing so I could be mis-interpreting the explanation for the illustrations.  If so, I'll apologize, take a couple of aspirin and lay down.


Posted : 31/05/2023 11:10 pm
Walter Layher
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Click on the image to see it without cropping. Go to this position in your settings in PrusaSlicer and hover your mouse pointer over each option to see an explanation of the item. When this option is active multiple objects on your print sheet will be printed in sequence and the tool head will keep enough clearance not to knock into them.

Posted : 31/05/2023 11:26 pm
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RE: extruder collision radius - sequential printing

Walter - thanks for the quick response and information.   The challenge I have is relative to the entire extruder assembly - including the filament cooling fan.  I have used the "complete individual objects" parameter and used the radius size parameter.  The "collision" highlight for each object on the build plate is great for adjusting object placement and tweaking the "clearance" parameter but it is the same radius for all the objects. 

I've been playing with object placement based on the print sequence described in the manual (front to back, left to right, low to tall).  Not all objects I'm printing are the same height so I started with this premise.   If the collision permitter could be defined for individual objects, couldn't you possibly print more objects (if placed strategically) on the build plate?  Short objects having a smaller perimeter, taller objects a wider perimeter (thus avoiding the extension of the filament fan colliding with printed objects, say, in the previous row.

The solution I'm using for now is tactical - print fewer objects.  An individual collision definition for each object would provide more flexibility based on the height and shape of the object.

If there isn't a feature (or combination of features) that allow collision perimeters by object - it's not big issue, there are work arounds.   This feature (if deemed useful beyond me) could be added to a future version of the slicer.  

Again - sincerely appreciate you information.


Posted : 01/06/2023 3:46 pm