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new prusa kit, assembly gear/tips?  

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new prusa kit, assembly gear/tips?


I just ordered my first prusa printer, i researched that the tools to build this printer are all included.
Is it smart to buy extra's/other tools to make the build even better?

better to prepare than need to find when the printer is here 🙂



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RE: new prusa kit, assembly gear/tips?

a teaspoon of bearing grease and a grip with allen key bit inserts come handy. Necessary is only the grease.

I try to give answers to the best of my ability, but I am not a 3D printing pro by any means, and anything you do you do at your own risk. BTW: I have no food for…

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RE: new prusa kit, assembly gear/tips?

Use the online build instructions rather than the printed version as that has user comments at the various build steps.  Be VERY observant of the pictures and the orientation of parts and take your time.  Far better to put it together right than to mess it all up and potentially damage parts.

Also as just3d mentioned ignore the bit about the bearings coming pre-lubruicated.  They are lubricated with shipping grease.  You will get far better results and a longer lifespan before maintenance cycle if you clean the bearings out with IPA and then properly lubricate them with some decent bearing grease.  As that needs to be done while they are off the rods its better to do it during assembly than to get sticky bearings a few weeks into your printer experience and have to strip it down to do the job.  Trust me I'd say 50%  of the issues people have are down to insufficient lubrication of bearings.  

At some point unless you are really careful and or lucky you will get a 'blob of doom'.  These can be mitigated to a certain extent by fitting a silicone sock over the hot end, which also helps with thermal regulation anyway.  They are cheap and its a no brainer fitting one.  Also on that note the most common components damaged during a blob are the Extruder thermistor and the Extruder heater cartridge.  Both have fragile wires due to the nature of how they are constructed so getting a spare of each would put you ahead of the game.  I've also seen people damage them during assembly which goes back to my comment on being careful.

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