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IR Sensor faulty  

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IR Sensor faulty

Hi all,

I received my MK3S+ kit and after assembling I ran all the checks and all OK. Calibrated the bed and ran a couple of test and normal prints. All good. Even benchy came out (close to) perfect 🙂

However, I can't get the filament to auto load and the IR sensor is always showing 0 in the menu, so it's not detecting any filament. I'm using the silver supplied filament in the kit. When I enable it and want to print something with IR sensor enabled it's stuck in the load/unload loop.

I tried the normal troubleshooting from here and everything else I could find in the forum.

- Checked if cable it plugged in correctly at both sides. Triple checked that.

- Removed and Reseated the plugs on both ends. No succes

- Redid cable management to see if no pinched cable.

- Blew out the sensor with air can to remove dust. No result

- When I load filament and look in LCD Menu -> Support -> Sensor info  it always shows 0

- Voltage under LCD Menu -> Support -> Voltages shows 5V .. always

- Filament sensor information LCD Menu -> Support -> Fil. Sensor v. shows unknown

- Opened the extruder partly and checked the FS Lever. The lever works perfectly.


Nothing made a difference so I think the sensor was really DOA.

OR....  is there something else I missed.


Thank you



Posted : 10/01/2021 4:22 pm
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RE: IR Sensor faulty

Did you ever find a resolution to this?

Posted : 13/08/2022 2:52 pm