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Bed Leveling Issue (Please Help!)  

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Bed Leveling Issue (Please Help!)

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for a bit of guidance with leveling my MK3S. I have been at this for three days now and can't seem to dial in my bed variance below 0.10. I'm using the nylock nut mod, and my temp measurements are 85C bed, with a 230C nozzle. I have made hundreds of tiny adjustments but can't seem to get it any lowed, so this makes me believe it might be something else, but I have no idea how to pinpoint what that might be. Any help from the community would be greatly apprishiated. If any questions are needed to be answered, I would be more than happy to.




Respondido : 30/11/2021 5:57 am
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RE: Bed Leveling Issue (Please Help!)

What's wrong with situation as seen on your image? Answer: nothing.

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Respondido : 30/11/2021 9:35 am
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This is as close as you get. You will probably get contradicting degree info by just doing the measurement again and again, without touching the bed, let alone the nylok nuts. Congratulations you have reached the accuracy threshold of your PINDA. Happy printing!

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Respondido : 30/11/2021 12:21 pm