Color Printing with MK2S: very easy but...
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Color Printing with MK2S: very easy but...  

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Color Printing with MK2S: very easy but...

I had a quick look printing in 2 colors a very simple object. I installed the latest PrusaControl (0.9.4_415_beta), imported the STL model, generate the G-code, set the Z-height of the filament change and save the G-code. So far so good.
By the way, the app. just adds the M600 command at the "right" place.

Copied the file to the SD card and started the process of printing.

The printer is in a room where the door is normally closed. I was "called" by the filament change. I barely heard the sound. Maybe other frequencies could be used because you can fall asleep next to the door and you won't hear anything 🙂

I guess this is something to change in the firmware as it is repeated until you actually change the filament.
Anyway, a new filament was correctly inserted but unfortunately the LCD display was "covered" with meaningless characters.
I knew by experience I had just to click on the button to confirm the change.

Are there any problems with the serial port? I am running Firmware: 3.0.12

Another thing I noticed: Just before moving quickly back to the object, the extruder spits another 2-3 cm of filament.
You have to be quick to remove it with a tweezer before it's above the object. You really cannot sleep...

Is it as well related to my firmware?

Anyway, I had some fun color printing.


Posted : 16/11/2017 5:43 pm