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Bowden loose  

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Bowden loose

I'm facing a problem with the bowden. After starting a print, I wondered why there was no filament coming when I realized that the bowden slipped out of the Festo thing at the first extruder motor. How can I fix this back in? Just pushing in doesn't help. 

Veröffentlicht : 02/06/2020 12:37 pm
RE: Bowden loose

Hi Marcus,
has the brass insert come adrift from the plastic? 

or has the Festo come out of the Brass Insert? 

the insert may respond to heat welding with a soldering iron for the heating, 

Or maybe epoxy resin adhesive...

if the festo has come out of the brass insert, you need to check the screw threads

regards Joan

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Veröffentlicht : 02/06/2020 6:54 pm