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Mk2S + MMU1 RAMbo 1,3a problem  

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Mk2S + MMU1 RAMbo 1,3a problem

Hello everyone!I have a problem with the RAMBO board on Prusa (MMU1 edition 🙂 ). Namely, the bed control is broken. So everything else works, but the heating of the printing bed does not work. I disassembled the electronics and saw that one pin of the bed connector was melted. The connector on the cable that goes to bed. That part on the RAMBO board is OK. I shortened the cable by 1 cm and put a new connector, but it still doesn't work.
About 2-3 weeks ago, the printer stopped responding to USB connection. So Octoprint can no longer see it. Tested on Linux, Windows and RPi. I don't know if it was a foreshadowing of the gradual cancellation or if it just coincided.I guess it's time for a new board. If I don't have to, I wouldn't spend that €150.

I can't find a Chinese clone of this board anywhere anymore.

Is there any alternative to this board?

All advice, suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks for reading to the end.


Regards from Croatia

Posted : 01/09/2023 5:48 pm