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Increase Purge Volume BEFORE filament swap? mmu2s  

Aaron 4db
Increase Purge Volume BEFORE filament swap? mmu2s

Hello I've got 2 identical and (somewhat) reliable mmu2s setups. On small details where there is NOT a lot of filament volume being extruded, I've had some issues with the tips becoming too large and failing the Can_load check during the next swap of the same filament, resulting in a filament cut by the MMU2s. I believe this is due to there not being enough filament being extruded during the previous layer. I've tried playing with all the purge settings I could find, but there only seems to be control over the purge volume after having swapped to a new filament, no settings seem to influence the volume of purge BEFORE filament swap. Am I missing something or has Prusa never considered one might need to adjust these settings?

Posted : 22/10/2023 6:10 pm