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MMU Upgrade Unpredictable- Can't Calibrate  

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MMU Upgrade Unpredictable- Can't Calibrate

I had everything largely dialed in, then I upgraded to MMU and everything has gone to hell. I can get one or two prints, then a failure (most recently an extreme pile of spaghetti when I left the room for an hour. I've re-calibrated and now nothing works. Feeders jam so I switch feeders, layers start lifting so I tweak first layer and extrusion and first layer height, large blobs lifting so I lower prior tweaks, now I can't even get the z calibration working as I keep redoing the XYZ cal, it works fine, but I get no squish whatsoever even when cranking near -1.0 I(previously was always in 500-700 range, I reseated the pinda sensor and now I'm getting print head crashing. I'm about ready to throw this in the dumpster. I've been trying everything I can find in the lifeadjustz (doesn't even remotely seem to work for me now, though I've used it successfully in the past ) and I can't even get my calibration squares to print let alone liveZ adjust them like I normally do.

Calibration Squares GCode:
; generated by Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.39.1-prusa3d-win64 on 2018-04-08 at 10:48:33


; external perimeters extrusion width = 0.45mm
; perimeters extrusion width = 0.45mm
; infill extrusion width = 0.45mm
; solid infill extrusion width = 0.45mm
; top infill extrusion width = 0.45mm
; support material extrusion width = 0.35mm
; first layer extrusion width = 0.45mm

M115 U3.1.0 ; tell printer latest fw version
M201 X9000 Y9000 Z500 E10000 ; sets maximum accelerations, mm/sec^2
M203 X500 Y500 Z12 E120 ; sets maximum feedrates, mm/sec
M204 S1500 T1500 ; sets acceleration (S) and retract acceleration (T)
M205 X10 Y10 Z0.2 E2.5 ; sets the jerk limits, mm/sec
M205 S0 T0 ; sets the minimum extruding and travel feed rate, mm/sec
; Start G-Code sequence START
M104 S215
M140 S65
M109 S215
M190 S65
G21 ; set units to millimeters
G90 ; use absolute coordinates
M83 ; use relative distances for extrusion
G28 W
G92 E0.0
M203 E100
M92 E140
G1 Z0.250 F7200.000
G1 X50.0 E80.0 F1000.0
G1 X160.0 E20.0 F1000.0
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 X220.0 E13 F1000.0
G1 X240.0 E0 F1000.0
G92 E0.0
M900 K200; Filament gcode
G21 ; set units to millimeters
G90 ; use absolute coordinates
M83 ; use relative distances for extrusion

G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E-4.00000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X7.914 Y88.799 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
M204 S1000
G1 F1800
G1 X8.488 Y88.127 E0.03068
G1 X108.731 Y7.955 E4.45344
G1 X109.324 Y7.690 E0.02254
G1 X109.970 Y7.593 E0.02267
G1 X140.004 Y7.593 E1.04201
G1 X140.794 Y7.728 E0.02780
G1 X141.495 Y8.114 E0.02780
G1 X241.783 Y88.383 E4.45674
G1 X242.237 Y89.110 E0.02976
G1 X242.407 Y89.955 E0.02989
G1 X242.378 Y120.370 E1.05526
G1 X242.086 Y121.201 E0.03055
G1 X241.512 Y121.873 E0.03068
G1 X141.266 Y202.047 E4.45358
G1 X140.672 Y202.311 E0.02254
G1 X140.026 Y202.407 E0.02267
G1 X109.630 Y202.378 E1.05459
G1 X109.035 Y202.205 E0.02148
G1 X108.502 Y201.884 E0.02162
G1 X8.215 Y121.615 E4.45674
G1 X7.762 Y120.886 E0.02976
G1 X7.593 Y120.045 E0.02976
G1 X7.622 Y89.630 E1.05526
G1 X7.894 Y88.856 E0.02846
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X8.488 Y88.127 E-0.74450
G1 F5760
G1 X9.253 Y87.515 E-0.77550
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X111.039 Y171.039 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X138.961 Y171.039 E0.96874
G1 X138.961 Y198.961 E0.96874
G1 X111.039 Y198.961 E0.96874
G1 X111.039 Y171.099 E0.96666
G1 X110.632 Y170.632 F7200.000
G1 F1800
G1 X139.368 Y170.632 E0.99699
G1 X139.368 Y199.368 E0.99699
G1 X110.632 Y199.368 E0.99699
G1 X110.632 Y170.692 E0.99491
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X112.552 Y170.688 E-1.52000
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X111.039 Y118.961 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X111.039 Y91.039 E0.96874
G1 X138.961 Y91.039 E0.96874
G1 X138.961 Y118.961 E0.96874
G1 X111.099 Y118.961 E0.96666
G1 X110.632 Y119.368 F7200.000
G1 F1800
G1 X110.632 Y90.632 E0.99699
G1 X139.368 Y90.632 E0.99699
G1 X139.368 Y119.368 E0.99699
G1 X110.692 Y119.368 E0.99491
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X110.688 Y117.448 E-1.52000
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X38.961 Y118.961 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X11.039 Y118.961 E0.96874
G1 X11.039 Y91.039 E0.96874
G1 X38.961 Y91.039 E0.96874
G1 X38.961 Y118.901 E0.96666
G1 X39.368 Y119.368 F7200.000
G1 F1800
G1 X10.632 Y119.368 E0.99699
G1 X10.632 Y90.632 E0.99699
G1 X39.368 Y90.632 E0.99699
G1 X39.368 Y119.308 E0.99491
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X37.448 Y119.312 E-1.52000
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X111.039 Y38.961 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X111.039 Y11.039 E0.96874
G1 X138.961 Y11.039 E0.96874
G1 X138.961 Y38.961 E0.96874
G1 X111.099 Y38.961 E0.96666
G1 X110.632 Y39.368 F7200.000
G1 F1800
G1 X110.632 Y10.632 E0.99699
G1 X139.368 Y10.632 E0.99699
G1 X139.368 Y39.368 E0.99699
G1 X110.692 Y39.368 E0.99491
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X110.688 Y37.448 E-1.52000
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X211.039 Y91.039 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X238.961 Y91.039 E0.96874
G1 X238.961 Y118.961 E0.96874
G1 X211.039 Y118.961 E0.96874
G1 X211.039 Y91.099 E0.96666
G1 X210.632 Y90.632 F7200.000
G1 F1800
G1 X239.368 Y90.632 E0.99699
G1 X239.368 Y119.368 E0.99699
G1 X210.632 Y119.368 E0.99699
G1 X210.632 Y90.692 E0.99491
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X212.552 Y90.688 E-1.52000
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X125.175 Y39.775 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X125.175 Y90.225 E1.75036
G1 X139.775 Y90.225 E0.50655
G1 X139.775 Y104.825 E0.50655
G1 X210.225 Y104.825 E2.44426
G1 X210.225 Y90.225 E0.50655
G1 X239.775 Y90.225 E1.02524
G1 X239.775 Y119.775 E1.02524
G1 X210.225 Y119.775 E1.02524
G1 X210.225 Y105.175 E0.50655
G1 X139.775 Y105.175 E2.44426
G1 X139.775 Y119.775 E0.50655
G1 X125.175 Y119.775 E0.50655
G1 X125.175 Y170.225 E1.75036
G1 X139.775 Y170.225 E0.50655
G1 X139.775 Y199.775 E1.02524
G1 X110.225 Y199.775 E1.02524
G1 X110.225 Y170.225 E1.02524
G1 X124.825 Y170.225 E0.50655
G1 X124.825 Y119.775 E1.75036
G1 X110.225 Y119.775 E0.50655
G1 X110.225 Y105.175 E0.50655
G1 X47.916 Y105.175 E2.16182
G1 X47.916 Y105.376 E0.00698
G1 X45.448 Y105.376 E0.08562
G1 X45.448 Y109.796 E0.15333
G1 X45.235 Y109.796 E0.00739
G1 X45.235 Y105.175 E0.16032
G1 X39.775 Y105.175 E0.18943
G1 X39.775 Y119.775 E0.50655
G1 X10.225 Y119.775 E1.02524
G1 X10.225 Y90.225 E1.02524
G1 X39.775 Y90.225 E1.02524
G1 X39.775 Y104.825 E0.50655
G1 X110.225 Y104.825 E2.44426
G1 X110.225 Y90.225 E0.50655
G1 X124.825 Y90.225 E0.50655
G1 X124.825 Y39.775 E1.75036
G1 X110.225 Y39.775 E0.50655
G1 X110.225 Y10.225 E1.02524
G1 X139.775 Y10.225 E1.02524
G1 X139.775 Y39.775 E1.02524
G1 X125.235 Y39.775 E0.50447
G1 X124.802 Y39.920 F7200.000
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X125.233 Y41.695 E-1.52000
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X111.987 Y38.839 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X111.344 Y38.196 E0.03161
G1 X111.344 Y37.619 E0.02010
G1 X112.381 Y38.656 E0.05102
G1 X112.958 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y37.042 E0.07944
G1 X111.344 Y36.464 E0.02010
G1 X113.536 Y38.656 E0.10786
G1 X114.113 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y35.887 E0.13628
G1 X111.344 Y35.309 E0.02010
G1 X114.691 Y38.656 E0.16470
G1 X115.268 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y34.732 E0.19312
G1 X111.344 Y34.154 E0.02010
G1 X115.846 Y38.656 E0.22154
G1 X116.423 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y33.577 E0.24996
G1 X111.344 Y32.999 E0.02010
G1 X117.001 Y38.656 E0.27838
G1 X117.578 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y32.422 E0.30680
G1 X111.344 Y31.844 E0.02010
G1 X118.156 Y38.656 E0.33522
G1 X118.733 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y31.267 E0.36364
G1 X111.344 Y30.689 E0.02010
G1 X119.311 Y38.656 E0.39206
G1 X119.888 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y30.112 E0.42048
G1 X111.344 Y29.535 E0.02010
G1 X120.465 Y38.656 E0.44891
G1 X121.043 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y28.957 E0.47733
G1 X111.344 Y28.380 E0.02010
G1 X121.620 Y38.656 E0.50575
G1 X122.198 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y27.802 E0.53417
G1 X111.344 Y27.225 E0.02010
G1 X122.775 Y38.656 E0.56259
G1 X123.353 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y26.647 E0.59101
G1 X111.344 Y26.070 E0.02010
G1 X123.930 Y38.656 E0.61943
G1 X124.508 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y25.492 E0.64785
G1 X111.344 Y24.915 E0.02010
G1 X125.085 Y38.656 E0.67627
G1 X125.663 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y24.337 E0.70469
G1 X111.344 Y23.760 E0.02010
G1 X126.240 Y38.656 E0.73311
G1 X126.818 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y23.182 E0.76153
G1 X111.344 Y22.605 E0.02010
G1 X127.395 Y38.656 E0.78995
G1 X127.972 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y22.028 E0.81837
G1 X111.344 Y21.450 E0.02010
G1 X128.550 Y38.656 E0.84679
G1 X129.127 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y20.873 E0.87522
G1 X111.344 Y20.295 E0.02010
G1 X129.705 Y38.656 E0.90364
G1 X130.282 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y19.718 E0.93206
G1 X111.344 Y19.140 E0.02010
G1 X130.860 Y38.656 E0.96048
G1 X131.437 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y18.563 E0.98890
G1 X111.344 Y17.985 E0.02010
G1 X132.015 Y38.656 E1.01732
G1 X132.592 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y17.408 E1.04574
G1 X111.344 Y16.830 E0.02010
G1 X133.170 Y38.656 E1.07416
G1 X133.747 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y16.253 E1.10258
G1 X111.344 Y15.675 E0.02010
G1 X134.325 Y38.656 E1.13100
G1 X134.902 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y15.098 E1.15942
G1 X111.344 Y14.521 E0.02010
G1 X135.479 Y38.656 E1.18784
G1 X136.057 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y13.943 E1.21626
G1 X111.344 Y13.366 E0.02010
G1 X136.634 Y38.656 E1.24468
G1 X137.212 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y12.788 E1.27310
G1 X111.344 Y12.211 E0.02010
G1 X137.789 Y38.656 E1.30153
G1 X138.367 Y38.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y11.633 E1.32995
G1 X111.344 Y11.344 E0.01005
G1 X111.633 Y11.344 E0.01005
G1 X138.656 Y38.367 E1.32995
G1 X138.656 Y37.789 E0.02010
G1 X112.211 Y11.344 E1.30153
G1 X112.788 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y37.212 E1.27311
G1 X138.656 Y36.634 E0.02010
G1 X113.366 Y11.344 E1.24469
G1 X113.943 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y36.057 E1.21627
G1 X138.656 Y35.480 E0.02010
G1 X114.520 Y11.344 E1.18785
G1 X115.098 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y34.902 E1.15943
G1 X138.656 Y34.325 E0.02010
G1 X115.675 Y11.344 E1.13101
G1 X116.253 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y33.747 E1.10258
G1 X138.656 Y33.170 E0.02010
G1 X116.830 Y11.344 E1.07416
G1 X117.408 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y32.592 E1.04574
G1 X138.656 Y32.015 E0.02010
G1 X117.985 Y11.344 E1.01732
G1 X118.563 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y31.437 E0.98890
G1 X138.656 Y30.860 E0.02010
G1 X119.140 Y11.344 E0.96048
G1 X119.718 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y30.282 E0.93206
G1 X138.656 Y29.705 E0.02010
G1 X120.295 Y11.344 E0.90364
G1 X120.873 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y29.127 E0.87522
G1 X138.656 Y28.550 E0.02010
G1 X121.450 Y11.344 E0.84680
G1 X122.027 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y27.973 E0.81838
G1 X138.656 Y27.395 E0.02010
G1 X122.605 Y11.344 E0.78996
G1 X123.182 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y26.818 E0.76154
G1 X138.656 Y26.240 E0.02010
G1 X123.760 Y11.344 E0.73312
G1 X124.337 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y25.663 E0.70470
G1 X138.656 Y25.085 E0.02010
G1 X124.915 Y11.344 E0.67627
G1 X125.492 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y24.508 E0.64785
G1 X138.656 Y23.930 E0.02010
G1 X126.070 Y11.344 E0.61943
G1 X126.647 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y23.353 E0.59101
G1 X138.656 Y22.775 E0.02010
G1 X127.225 Y11.344 E0.56259
G1 X127.802 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y22.198 E0.53417
G1 X138.656 Y21.620 E0.02010
G1 X128.380 Y11.344 E0.50575
G1 X128.957 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y21.043 E0.47733
G1 X138.656 Y20.466 E0.02010
G1 X129.534 Y11.344 E0.44891
G1 X130.112 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y19.888 E0.42049
G1 X138.656 Y19.311 E0.02010
G1 X130.689 Y11.344 E0.39207
G1 X131.267 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y18.733 E0.36365
G1 X138.656 Y18.156 E0.02010
G1 X131.844 Y11.344 E0.33523
G1 X132.422 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y17.578 E0.30681
G1 X138.656 Y17.001 E0.02010
G1 X132.999 Y11.344 E0.27839
G1 X133.577 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y16.423 E0.24996
G1 X138.656 Y15.846 E0.02010
G1 X134.154 Y11.344 E0.22154
G1 X134.732 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y15.268 E0.19312
G1 X138.656 Y14.691 E0.02010
G1 X135.309 Y11.344 E0.16470
G1 X135.887 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y14.113 E0.13628
G1 X138.656 Y13.536 E0.02010
G1 X136.464 Y11.344 E0.10786
G1 X137.041 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y12.959 E0.07944
G1 X138.656 Y12.381 E0.02010
G1 X137.619 Y11.344 E0.05102
G1 X138.196 Y11.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.839 Y11.987 E0.03162
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X138.196 Y11.344 E-0.71919
G1 F5760
G1 X137.619 Y11.344 E-0.45716
G1 F5760
G1 X137.926 Y11.651 E-0.34365
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X138.839 Y91.987 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X138.196 Y91.344 E0.03162
G1 X137.619 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y92.381 E0.05102
G1 X138.656 Y92.959 E0.02010
G1 X137.041 Y91.344 E0.07944
G1 X136.464 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y93.536 E0.10786
G1 X138.656 Y94.113 E0.02010
G1 X135.887 Y91.344 E0.13628
G1 X135.309 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y94.691 E0.16470
G1 X138.656 Y95.268 E0.02010
G1 X134.732 Y91.344 E0.19312
G1 X134.154 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y95.846 E0.22154
G1 X138.656 Y96.423 E0.02010
G1 X133.577 Y91.344 E0.24996
G1 X132.999 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y97.001 E0.27839
G1 X138.656 Y97.578 E0.02010
G1 X132.422 Y91.344 E0.30681
G1 X131.844 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y98.156 E0.33523
G1 X138.656 Y98.733 E0.02010
G1 X131.267 Y91.344 E0.36365
G1 X130.689 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y99.311 E0.39207
G1 X138.656 Y99.888 E0.02010
G1 X130.112 Y91.344 E0.42049
G1 X129.534 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y100.466 E0.44891
G1 X138.656 Y101.043 E0.02010
G1 X128.957 Y91.344 E0.47733
G1 X128.380 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y101.620 E0.50575
G1 X138.656 Y102.198 E0.02010
G1 X127.802 Y91.344 E0.53417
G1 X127.225 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y102.775 E0.56259
G1 X138.656 Y103.353 E0.02010
G1 X126.647 Y91.344 E0.59101
G1 X126.070 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y103.930 E0.61943
G1 X138.656 Y104.508 E0.02010
G1 X125.492 Y91.344 E0.64785
G1 X124.915 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y105.085 E0.67627
G1 X138.656 Y105.663 E0.02010
G1 X124.337 Y91.344 E0.70470
G1 X123.760 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y106.240 E0.73312
G1 X138.656 Y106.818 E0.02010
G1 X123.182 Y91.344 E0.76154
G1 X122.605 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y107.395 E0.78996
G1 X138.656 Y107.973 E0.02010
G1 X122.027 Y91.344 E0.81838
G1 X121.450 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y108.550 E0.84680
G1 X138.656 Y109.127 E0.02010
G1 X120.873 Y91.344 E0.87522
G1 X120.295 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y109.705 E0.90364
G1 X138.656 Y110.282 E0.02010
G1 X119.718 Y91.344 E0.93206
G1 X119.140 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y110.860 E0.96048
G1 X138.656 Y111.437 E0.02010
G1 X118.563 Y91.344 E0.98890
G1 X117.985 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y112.015 E1.01732
G1 X138.656 Y112.592 E0.02010
G1 X117.408 Y91.344 E1.04574
G1 X116.830 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y113.170 E1.07416
G1 X138.656 Y113.747 E0.02010
G1 X116.253 Y91.344 E1.10258
G1 X115.675 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y114.325 E1.13101
G1 X138.656 Y114.902 E0.02010
G1 X115.098 Y91.344 E1.15943
G1 X114.520 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y115.480 E1.18785
G1 X138.656 Y116.057 E0.02010
G1 X113.943 Y91.344 E1.21627
G1 X113.366 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y116.634 E1.24469
G1 X138.656 Y117.212 E0.02010
G1 X112.788 Y91.344 E1.27311
G1 X112.211 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y117.789 E1.30153
G1 X138.656 Y118.367 E0.02010
G1 X111.633 Y91.344 E1.32995
G1 X111.344 Y91.344 E0.01005
G1 X111.344 Y91.633 E0.01005
G1 X138.367 Y118.656 E1.32995
G1 X137.789 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y92.211 E1.30153
G1 X111.344 Y92.788 E0.02010
G1 X137.212 Y118.656 E1.27310
G1 X136.634 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y93.366 E1.24468
G1 X111.344 Y93.943 E0.02010
G1 X136.057 Y118.656 E1.21626
G1 X135.479 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y94.521 E1.18784
G1 X111.344 Y95.098 E0.02010
G1 X134.902 Y118.656 E1.15942
G1 X134.325 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y95.675 E1.13100
G1 X111.344 Y96.253 E0.02010
G1 X133.747 Y118.656 E1.10258
G1 X133.170 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y96.830 E1.07416
G1 X111.344 Y97.408 E0.02010
G1 X132.592 Y118.656 E1.04574
G1 X132.015 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y97.985 E1.01732
G1 X111.344 Y98.563 E0.02010
G1 X131.437 Y118.656 E0.98890
G1 X130.860 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y99.140 E0.96048
G1 X111.344 Y99.718 E0.02010
G1 X130.282 Y118.656 E0.93206
G1 X129.705 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y100.295 E0.90364
G1 X111.344 Y100.873 E0.02010
G1 X129.127 Y118.656 E0.87522
G1 X128.550 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y101.450 E0.84679
G1 X111.344 Y102.028 E0.02010
G1 X127.972 Y118.656 E0.81837
G1 X127.395 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y102.605 E0.78995
G1 X111.344 Y103.182 E0.02010
G1 X126.818 Y118.656 E0.76153
G1 X126.240 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y103.760 E0.73311
G1 X111.344 Y104.337 E0.02010
G1 X125.663 Y118.656 E0.70469
G1 X125.085 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y104.915 E0.67627
G1 X111.344 Y105.492 E0.02010
G1 X124.508 Y118.656 E0.64785
G1 X123.930 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y106.070 E0.61943
G1 X111.344 Y106.647 E0.02010
G1 X123.353 Y118.656 E0.59101
G1 X122.775 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y107.225 E0.56259
G1 X111.344 Y107.802 E0.02010
G1 X122.198 Y118.656 E0.53417
G1 X121.620 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y108.380 E0.50575
G1 X111.344 Y108.957 E0.02010
G1 X121.043 Y118.656 E0.47733
G1 X120.465 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y109.535 E0.44891
G1 X111.344 Y110.112 E0.02010
G1 X119.888 Y118.656 E0.42048
G1 X119.311 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y110.689 E0.39206
G1 X111.344 Y111.267 E0.02010
G1 X118.733 Y118.656 E0.36364
G1 X118.156 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y111.844 E0.33522
G1 X111.344 Y112.422 E0.02010
G1 X117.578 Y118.656 E0.30680
G1 X117.001 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y112.999 E0.27838
G1 X111.344 Y113.577 E0.02010
G1 X116.423 Y118.656 E0.24996
G1 X115.846 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y114.154 E0.22154
G1 X111.344 Y114.732 E0.02010
G1 X115.268 Y118.656 E0.19312
G1 X114.691 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y115.309 E0.16470
G1 X111.344 Y115.887 E0.02010
G1 X114.113 Y118.656 E0.13628
G1 X113.536 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y116.464 E0.10786
G1 X111.344 Y117.042 E0.02010
G1 X112.958 Y118.656 E0.07944
G1 X112.381 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y117.619 E0.05102
G1 X111.344 Y118.196 E0.02010
G1 X111.987 Y118.839 E0.03161
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X111.344 Y118.196 E-0.71910
G1 F5760
G1 X111.344 Y117.619 E-0.45716
G1 F5760
G1 X111.651 Y117.926 E-0.34374
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X138.839 Y171.987 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X138.196 Y171.344 E0.03162
G1 X137.619 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y172.381 E0.05102
G1 X138.656 Y172.959 E0.02010
G1 X137.041 Y171.344 E0.07944
G1 X136.464 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y173.536 E0.10786
G1 X138.656 Y174.113 E0.02010
G1 X135.887 Y171.344 E0.13628
G1 X135.309 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y174.691 E0.16470
G1 X138.656 Y175.268 E0.02010
G1 X134.732 Y171.344 E0.19312
G1 X134.154 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y175.846 E0.22154
G1 X138.656 Y176.423 E0.02010
G1 X133.577 Y171.344 E0.24996
G1 X132.999 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y177.001 E0.27839
G1 X138.656 Y177.578 E0.02010
G1 X132.422 Y171.344 E0.30681
G1 X131.844 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y178.156 E0.33523
G1 X138.656 Y178.733 E0.02010
G1 X131.267 Y171.344 E0.36365
G1 X130.689 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y179.311 E0.39207
G1 X138.656 Y179.888 E0.02010
G1 X130.112 Y171.344 E0.42049
G1 X129.534 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y180.466 E0.44891
G1 X138.656 Y181.043 E0.02010
G1 X128.957 Y171.344 E0.47733
G1 X128.380 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y181.620 E0.50575
G1 X138.656 Y182.198 E0.02010
G1 X127.802 Y171.344 E0.53417
G1 X127.225 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y182.775 E0.56259
G1 X138.656 Y183.353 E0.02010
G1 X126.647 Y171.344 E0.59101
G1 X126.070 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y183.930 E0.61943
G1 X138.656 Y184.508 E0.02010
G1 X125.492 Y171.344 E0.64785
G1 X124.915 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y185.085 E0.67627
G1 X138.656 Y185.663 E0.02010
G1 X124.337 Y171.344 E0.70470
G1 X123.760 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y186.240 E0.73312
G1 X138.656 Y186.818 E0.02010
G1 X123.182 Y171.344 E0.76154
G1 X122.605 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y187.395 E0.78996
G1 X138.656 Y187.973 E0.02010
G1 X122.027 Y171.344 E0.81838
G1 X121.450 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y188.550 E0.84680
G1 X138.656 Y189.127 E0.02010
G1 X120.873 Y171.344 E0.87522
G1 X120.295 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y189.705 E0.90364
G1 X138.656 Y190.282 E0.02010
G1 X119.718 Y171.344 E0.93206
G1 X119.140 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y190.860 E0.96048
G1 X138.656 Y191.437 E0.02010
G1 X118.563 Y171.344 E0.98890
G1 X117.985 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y192.015 E1.01732
G1 X138.656 Y192.592 E0.02010
G1 X117.408 Y171.344 E1.04574
G1 X116.830 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y193.170 E1.07416
G1 X138.656 Y193.747 E0.02010
G1 X116.253 Y171.344 E1.10258
G1 X115.675 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y194.325 E1.13101
G1 X138.656 Y194.902 E0.02010
G1 X115.098 Y171.344 E1.15943
G1 X114.520 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y195.480 E1.18785
G1 X138.656 Y196.057 E0.02010
G1 X113.943 Y171.344 E1.21627
G1 X113.366 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y196.634 E1.24469
G1 X138.656 Y197.212 E0.02010
G1 X112.788 Y171.344 E1.27311
G1 X112.211 Y171.344 E0.02010
G1 X138.656 Y197.789 E1.30153
G1 X138.656 Y198.367 E0.02010
G1 X111.633 Y171.344 E1.32995
G1 X111.344 Y171.344 E0.01005
G1 X111.344 Y171.633 E0.01005
G1 X138.367 Y198.656 E1.32995
G1 X137.789 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y172.211 E1.30153
G1 X111.344 Y172.788 E0.02010
G1 X137.212 Y198.656 E1.27310
G1 X136.634 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y173.366 E1.24468
G1 X111.344 Y173.943 E0.02010
G1 X136.057 Y198.656 E1.21626
G1 X135.479 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y174.521 E1.18784
G1 X111.344 Y175.098 E0.02010
G1 X134.902 Y198.656 E1.15942
G1 X134.325 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y175.675 E1.13100
G1 X111.344 Y176.253 E0.02010
G1 X133.747 Y198.656 E1.10258
G1 X133.170 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y176.830 E1.07416
G1 X111.344 Y177.408 E0.02010
G1 X132.592 Y198.656 E1.04574
G1 X132.015 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y177.985 E1.01732
G1 X111.344 Y178.563 E0.02010
G1 X131.437 Y198.656 E0.98890
G1 X130.860 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y179.140 E0.96048
G1 X111.344 Y179.718 E0.02010
G1 X130.282 Y198.656 E0.93206
G1 X129.705 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y180.295 E0.90364
G1 X111.344 Y180.873 E0.02010
G1 X129.127 Y198.656 E0.87522
G1 X128.550 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y181.450 E0.84679
G1 X111.344 Y182.028 E0.02010
G1 X127.972 Y198.656 E0.81837
G1 X127.395 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y182.605 E0.78995
G1 X111.344 Y183.182 E0.02010
G1 X126.818 Y198.656 E0.76153
G1 X126.240 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y183.760 E0.73311
G1 X111.344 Y184.337 E0.02010
G1 X125.663 Y198.656 E0.70469
G1 X125.085 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y184.915 E0.67627
G1 X111.344 Y185.492 E0.02010
G1 X124.508 Y198.656 E0.64785
G1 X123.930 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y186.070 E0.61943
G1 X111.344 Y186.647 E0.02010
G1 X123.353 Y198.656 E0.59101
G1 X122.775 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y187.225 E0.56259
G1 X111.344 Y187.802 E0.02010
G1 X122.198 Y198.656 E0.53417
G1 X121.620 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y188.380 E0.50575
G1 X111.344 Y188.957 E0.02010
G1 X121.043 Y198.656 E0.47733
G1 X120.465 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y189.535 E0.44891
G1 X111.344 Y190.112 E0.02010
G1 X119.888 Y198.656 E0.42048
G1 X119.311 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y190.689 E0.39206
G1 X111.344 Y191.267 E0.02010
G1 X118.733 Y198.656 E0.36364
G1 X118.156 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y191.844 E0.33522
G1 X111.344 Y192.422 E0.02010
G1 X117.578 Y198.656 E0.30680
G1 X117.001 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y192.999 E0.27838
G1 X111.344 Y193.577 E0.02010
G1 X116.423 Y198.656 E0.24996
G1 X115.846 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y194.154 E0.22154
G1 X111.344 Y194.732 E0.02010
G1 X115.268 Y198.656 E0.19312
G1 X114.691 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y195.309 E0.16470
G1 X111.344 Y195.887 E0.02010
G1 X114.113 Y198.656 E0.13628
G1 X113.536 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y196.464 E0.10786
G1 X111.344 Y197.042 E0.02010
G1 X112.958 Y198.656 E0.07944
G1 X112.381 Y198.656 E0.02010
G1 X111.344 Y197.619 E0.05102
G1 X111.344 Y198.196 E0.02010
G1 X111.987 Y198.839 E0.03161
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X111.344 Y198.196 E-0.71910
G1 F5760
G1 X111.344 Y197.619 E-0.45716
G1 F5760
G1 X111.651 Y197.926 E-0.34374
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X47.712 Y105.101 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X45.439 Y105.101 E0.02795
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X47.359 Y105.101 E-1.52000
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X38.839 Y91.987 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X38.196 Y91.344 E0.03162
G1 X37.619 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y92.381 E0.05102
G1 X38.656 Y92.959 E0.02010
G1 X37.041 Y91.344 E0.07944
G1 X36.464 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y93.536 E0.10786
G1 X38.656 Y94.113 E0.02010
G1 X35.887 Y91.344 E0.13628
G1 X35.309 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y94.691 E0.16470
G1 X38.656 Y95.268 E0.02010
G1 X34.732 Y91.344 E0.19312
G1 X34.154 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y95.846 E0.22154
G1 X38.656 Y96.423 E0.02010
G1 X33.577 Y91.344 E0.24996
G1 X32.999 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y97.001 E0.27839
G1 X38.656 Y97.578 E0.02010
G1 X32.422 Y91.344 E0.30681
G1 X31.844 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y98.156 E0.33523
G1 X38.656 Y98.733 E0.02010
G1 X31.267 Y91.344 E0.36365
G1 X30.689 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y99.311 E0.39207
G1 X38.656 Y99.888 E0.02010
G1 X30.112 Y91.344 E0.42049
G1 X29.534 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y100.466 E0.44891
G1 X38.656 Y101.043 E0.02010
G1 X28.957 Y91.344 E0.47733
G1 X28.380 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y101.620 E0.50575
G1 X38.656 Y102.198 E0.02010
G1 X27.802 Y91.344 E0.53417
G1 X27.225 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y102.775 E0.56259
G1 X38.656 Y103.353 E0.02010
G1 X26.647 Y91.344 E0.59101
G1 X26.070 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y103.930 E0.61943
G1 X38.656 Y104.508 E0.02010
G1 X25.492 Y91.344 E0.64785
G1 X24.915 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y105.085 E0.67627
G1 X38.656 Y105.663 E0.02010
G1 X24.337 Y91.344 E0.70470
G1 X23.760 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y106.240 E0.73312
G1 X38.656 Y106.818 E0.02010
G1 X23.182 Y91.344 E0.76154
G1 X22.605 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y107.395 E0.78996
G1 X38.656 Y107.973 E0.02010
G1 X22.027 Y91.344 E0.81838
G1 X21.450 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y108.550 E0.84680
G1 X38.656 Y109.127 E0.02010
G1 X20.873 Y91.344 E0.87522
G1 X20.295 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y109.705 E0.90364
G1 X38.656 Y110.282 E0.02010
G1 X19.718 Y91.344 E0.93206
G1 X19.140 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y110.860 E0.96048
G1 X38.656 Y111.437 E0.02010
G1 X18.563 Y91.344 E0.98890
G1 X17.985 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y112.015 E1.01732
G1 X38.656 Y112.592 E0.02010
G1 X17.408 Y91.344 E1.04574
G1 X16.830 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y113.170 E1.07416
G1 X38.656 Y113.747 E0.02010
G1 X16.253 Y91.344 E1.10258
G1 X15.675 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y114.325 E1.13101
G1 X38.656 Y114.902 E0.02010
G1 X15.098 Y91.344 E1.15943
G1 X14.520 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y115.480 E1.18785
G1 X38.656 Y116.057 E0.02010
G1 X13.943 Y91.344 E1.21627
G1 X13.366 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y116.634 E1.24469
G1 X38.656 Y117.212 E0.02010
G1 X12.788 Y91.344 E1.27311
G1 X12.211 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X38.656 Y117.789 E1.30153
G1 X38.656 Y118.367 E0.02010
G1 X11.633 Y91.344 E1.32995
G1 X11.344 Y91.344 E0.01005
G1 X11.344 Y91.633 E0.01005
G1 X38.367 Y118.656 E1.32995
G1 X37.789 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y92.211 E1.30153
G1 X11.344 Y92.788 E0.02010
G1 X37.212 Y118.656 E1.27310
G1 X36.634 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y93.366 E1.24468
G1 X11.344 Y93.943 E0.02010
G1 X36.057 Y118.656 E1.21626
G1 X35.479 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y94.521 E1.18784
G1 X11.344 Y95.098 E0.02010
G1 X34.902 Y118.656 E1.15942
G1 X34.325 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y95.675 E1.13100
G1 X11.344 Y96.253 E0.02010
G1 X33.747 Y118.656 E1.10258
G1 X33.170 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y96.830 E1.07416
G1 X11.344 Y97.408 E0.02010
G1 X32.592 Y118.656 E1.04574
G1 X32.015 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y97.985 E1.01732
G1 X11.344 Y98.563 E0.02010
G1 X31.437 Y118.656 E0.98890
G1 X30.860 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y99.140 E0.96048
G1 X11.344 Y99.718 E0.02010
G1 X30.282 Y118.656 E0.93206
G1 X29.705 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y100.295 E0.90364
G1 X11.344 Y100.873 E0.02010
G1 X29.127 Y118.656 E0.87522
G1 X28.550 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y101.450 E0.84679
G1 X11.344 Y102.028 E0.02010
G1 X27.972 Y118.656 E0.81837
G1 X27.395 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y102.605 E0.78995
G1 X11.344 Y103.182 E0.02010
G1 X26.818 Y118.656 E0.76153
G1 X26.240 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y103.760 E0.73311
G1 X11.344 Y104.337 E0.02010
G1 X25.663 Y118.656 E0.70469
G1 X25.085 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y104.915 E0.67627
G1 X11.344 Y105.492 E0.02010
G1 X24.508 Y118.656 E0.64785
G1 X23.930 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y106.070 E0.61943
G1 X11.344 Y106.647 E0.02010
G1 X23.353 Y118.656 E0.59101
G1 X22.775 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y107.225 E0.56259
G1 X11.344 Y107.802 E0.02010
G1 X22.198 Y118.656 E0.53417
G1 X21.620 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y108.380 E0.50575
G1 X11.344 Y108.957 E0.02010
G1 X21.043 Y118.656 E0.47733
G1 X20.465 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y109.535 E0.44891
G1 X11.344 Y110.112 E0.02010
G1 X19.888 Y118.656 E0.42049
G1 X19.311 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y110.689 E0.39206
G1 X11.344 Y111.267 E0.02010
G1 X18.733 Y118.656 E0.36364
G1 X18.156 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y111.844 E0.33522
G1 X11.344 Y112.422 E0.02010
G1 X17.578 Y118.656 E0.30680
G1 X17.001 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y112.999 E0.27838
G1 X11.344 Y113.577 E0.02010
G1 X16.423 Y118.656 E0.24996
G1 X15.846 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y114.154 E0.22154
G1 X11.344 Y114.732 E0.02010
G1 X15.268 Y118.656 E0.19312
G1 X14.691 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y115.309 E0.16470
G1 X11.344 Y115.887 E0.02010
G1 X14.113 Y118.656 E0.13628
G1 X13.536 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y116.464 E0.10786
G1 X11.344 Y117.042 E0.02010
G1 X12.958 Y118.656 E0.07944
G1 X12.381 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X11.344 Y117.619 E0.05102
G1 X11.344 Y118.196 E0.02010
G1 X11.987 Y118.839 E0.03161
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760
G1 X11.344 Y118.196 E-0.71911
G1 F5760
G1 X11.344 Y117.619 E-0.45716
G1 F5760
G1 X11.651 Y117.926 E-0.34374
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
G1 X211.987 Y118.839 F7200.000
G1 Z0.200 F7200.000
G1 E4.00000 F3000.00000
G1 F1800
G1 X211.344 Y118.196 E0.03161
G1 X211.344 Y117.619 E0.02010
G1 X212.381 Y118.656 E0.05102
G1 X212.958 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y117.042 E0.07944
G1 X211.344 Y116.464 E0.02010
G1 X213.536 Y118.656 E0.10786
G1 X214.113 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y115.887 E0.13628
G1 X211.344 Y115.309 E0.02010
G1 X214.691 Y118.656 E0.16470
G1 X215.268 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y114.732 E0.19312
G1 X211.344 Y114.154 E0.02010
G1 X215.846 Y118.656 E0.22154
G1 X216.423 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y113.577 E0.24996
G1 X211.344 Y112.999 E0.02010
G1 X217.001 Y118.656 E0.27838
G1 X217.578 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y112.422 E0.30680
G1 X211.344 Y111.844 E0.02010
G1 X218.156 Y118.656 E0.33522
G1 X218.733 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y111.267 E0.36364
G1 X211.344 Y110.689 E0.02010
G1 X219.311 Y118.656 E0.39206
G1 X219.888 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y110.112 E0.42048
G1 X211.344 Y109.535 E0.02010
G1 X220.465 Y118.656 E0.44891
G1 X221.043 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y108.957 E0.47733
G1 X211.344 Y108.380 E0.02010
G1 X221.620 Y118.656 E0.50575
G1 X222.198 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y107.802 E0.53417
G1 X211.344 Y107.225 E0.02010
G1 X222.775 Y118.656 E0.56259
G1 X223.353 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y106.647 E0.59101
G1 X211.344 Y106.070 E0.02010
G1 X223.930 Y118.656 E0.61943
G1 X224.508 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y105.492 E0.64785
G1 X211.344 Y104.915 E0.02010
G1 X225.085 Y118.656 E0.67627
G1 X225.663 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y104.337 E0.70469
G1 X211.344 Y103.760 E0.02010
G1 X226.240 Y118.656 E0.73311
G1 X226.818 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y103.182 E0.76153
G1 X211.344 Y102.605 E0.02010
G1 X227.395 Y118.656 E0.78995
G1 X227.972 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y102.028 E0.81837
G1 X211.344 Y101.450 E0.02010
G1 X228.550 Y118.656 E0.84679
G1 X229.127 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y100.873 E0.87522
G1 X211.344 Y100.295 E0.02010
G1 X229.705 Y118.656 E0.90364
G1 X230.282 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y99.718 E0.93206
G1 X211.344 Y99.140 E0.02010
G1 X230.860 Y118.656 E0.96048
G1 X231.437 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y98.563 E0.98890
G1 X211.344 Y97.985 E0.02010
G1 X232.015 Y118.656 E1.01732
G1 X232.592 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y97.408 E1.04574
G1 X211.344 Y96.830 E0.02010
G1 X233.170 Y118.656 E1.07416
G1 X233.747 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y96.253 E1.10258
G1 X211.344 Y95.675 E0.02010
G1 X234.325 Y118.656 E1.13100
G1 X234.902 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y95.098 E1.15942
G1 X211.344 Y94.521 E0.02010
G1 X235.479 Y118.656 E1.18784
G1 X236.057 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y93.943 E1.21626
G1 X211.344 Y93.366 E0.02010
G1 X236.634 Y118.656 E1.24468
G1 X237.212 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y92.788 E1.27310
G1 X211.344 Y92.211 E0.02010
G1 X237.789 Y118.656 E1.30153
G1 X238.367 Y118.656 E0.02010
G1 X211.344 Y91.633 E1.32995
G1 X211.344 Y91.344 E0.01005
G1 X211.633 Y91.344 E0.01005
G1 X238.656 Y118.367 E1.32995
G1 X238.656 Y117.789 E0.02010
G1 X212.211 Y91.344 E1.30153
G1 X212.788 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y117.212 E1.27311
G1 X238.656 Y116.634 E0.02010
G1 X213.366 Y91.344 E1.24469
G1 X213.943 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y116.057 E1.21627
G1 X238.656 Y115.480 E0.02010
G1 X214.520 Y91.344 E1.18785
G1 X215.098 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y114.902 E1.15943
G1 X238.656 Y114.325 E0.02010
G1 X215.675 Y91.344 E1.13101
G1 X216.253 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y113.747 E1.10258
G1 X238.656 Y113.170 E0.02010
G1 X216.830 Y91.344 E1.07416
G1 X217.408 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y112.592 E1.04574
G1 X238.656 Y112.015 E0.02010
G1 X217.985 Y91.344 E1.01732
G1 X218.563 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y111.437 E0.98890
G1 X238.656 Y110.860 E0.02010
G1 X219.140 Y91.344 E0.96048
G1 X219.718 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y110.282 E0.93206
G1 X238.656 Y109.705 E0.02010
G1 X220.295 Y91.344 E0.90364
G1 X220.873 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y109.127 E0.87522
G1 X238.656 Y108.550 E0.02010
G1 X221.450 Y91.344 E0.84680
G1 X222.027 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y107.973 E0.81838
G1 X238.656 Y107.395 E0.02010
G1 X222.605 Y91.344 E0.78996
G1 X223.182 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y106.818 E0.76154
G1 X238.656 Y106.240 E0.02010
G1 X223.760 Y91.344 E0.73312
G1 X224.337 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y105.663 E0.70470
G1 X238.656 Y105.085 E0.02010
G1 X224.915 Y91.344 E0.67627
G1 X225.492 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y104.508 E0.64785
G1 X238.656 Y103.930 E0.02010
G1 X226.070 Y91.344 E0.61943
G1 X226.647 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y103.353 E0.59101
G1 X238.656 Y102.775 E0.02010
G1 X227.225 Y91.344 E0.56259
G1 X227.802 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y102.198 E0.53417
G1 X238.656 Y101.620 E0.02010
G1 X228.380 Y91.344 E0.50575
G1 X228.957 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y101.043 E0.47733
G1 X238.656 Y100.466 E0.02010
G1 X229.534 Y91.344 E0.44891
G1 X230.112 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y99.888 E0.42049
G1 X238.656 Y99.311 E0.02010
G1 X230.689 Y91.344 E0.39207
G1 X231.267 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y98.733 E0.36365
G1 X238.656 Y98.156 E0.02010
G1 X231.844 Y91.344 E0.33523
G1 X232.422 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y97.578 E0.30681
G1 X238.656 Y97.001 E0.02010
G1 X232.999 Y91.344 E0.27839
G1 X233.577 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y96.423 E0.24996
G1 X238.656 Y95.846 E0.02010
G1 X234.154 Y91.344 E0.22154
G1 X234.732 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y95.268 E0.19312
G1 X238.656 Y94.691 E0.02010
G1 X235.309 Y91.344 E0.16470
G1 X235.887 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y94.113 E0.13628
G1 X238.656 Y93.536 E0.02010
G1 X236.464 Y91.344 E0.10786
G1 X237.041 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.656 Y92.959 E0.07944
G1 X238.656 Y92.381 E0.02010
G1 X237.619 Y91.344 E0.05102
G1 X238.196 Y91.344 E0.02010
G1 X238.839 Y91.987 E0.03162
G1 E-2.40000 F4800.00000
G1 F5760;_WIPE
G1 X238.196 Y91.344 E-0.71919
G1 F5760;_WIPE
G1 X237.619 Y91.344 E-0.45716
G1 F5760;_WIPE
G1 X237.926 Y91.651 E-0.34365
G1 E-0.08000 F4800.00000
G1 Z0.800 F7200.000
; Filament-specific end gcode
G1 E-4 F2100.00000
G1 Z1 F7200.000
G1 X245 Y1
G1 X240 E4
G1 F4000
G1 X190 E2.7
G1 F4600
G1 X110 E2.8
G1 F5200
G1 X40 E3
G1 E-15.0000 F5000
G1 E-50.0000 F5400
G1 E-15.0000 F3000
G1 E-12.0000 F2000
G1 F1600
G1 X0 Y1 E3.0000
G1 X50 Y1 E-5.0000
G1 F2000
G1 X0 Y1 E5.0000
G1 X50 Y1 E-5.0000
G1 F2400
G1 X0 Y1 E5.0000
G1 X50 Y1 E-5.0000
G1 F2400
G1 X0 Y1 E5.0000
G1 X50 Y1 E-3.0000
;added code
G1 Z195 ; raise print head to max height
G1 Y195 ; extend heatbed max forward
;end added code
G4 S0
M107 ; fan off
M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
M140 S0 ; turn off heatbed
G28 X0 ; home X axis
M84 ; disable motors

; filament used = 426.6mm (1.0cm3)
; total filament cost = 0.0
; estimated printing time = 8m 10s

; avoid_crossing_perimeters = 0
; bed_shape = 0x0,250x0,250x210,0x210
; bed_temperature = 65
; before_layer_gcode = ;BEFORE_LAYER_CHANGE\n;[layer_z]\n\n
; between_objects_gcode =
; bridge_acceleration = 1000
; bridge_fan_speed = 100
; brim_width = 0
; complete_objects = 0
; cooling = 1
; default_acceleration = 1000
; deretract_speed = 50
; disable_fan_first_layers = 1
; duplicate_distance = 6
; end_filament_gcode = "; Filament-specific end gcode"
; end_gcode = G1 E-4 F2100.00000\nG91\nG1 Z1 F7200.000\nG90\nG1 X245 Y1\nG1 X240 E4\nG1 F4000\nG1 X190 E2.7 \nG1 F4600\nG1 X110 E2.8\nG1 F5200\nG1 X40 E3 \nG1 E-15.0000 F5000\nG1 E-50.0000 F5400\nG1 E-15.0000 F3000\nG1 E-12.0000 F2000\nG1 F1600\nG1 X0 Y1 E3.0000\nG1 X50 Y1 E-5.0000\nG1 F2000\nG1 X0 Y1 E5.0000\nG1 X50 Y1 E-5.0000\nG1 F2400\nG1 X0 Y1 E5.0000\nG1 X50 Y1 E-5.0000\nG1 F2400\nG1 X0 Y1 E5.0000\nG1 X50 Y1 E-3.0000\n;added code\nG1 Z195 ; raise print head to max height\nG1 Y195 ; extend heatbed max forward\n;end added code\nG4 S0\nM107 ; fan off\nM104 S0 ; turn off temperature\nM140 S0 ; turn off heatbed\nG28 X0 ; home X axis\nM84 ; disable motors\n\n
; extruder_clearance_height = 20
; extruder_clearance_radius = 20
; extruder_colour = #FFAA55
; extruder_offset = 0x0
; extrusion_axis = E
; extrusion_multiplier = 1.025
; fan_always_on = 1
; fan_below_layer_time = 100
; filament_colour = #808080
; filament_cost = 0
; filament_density = 0
; filament_diameter = 1.75
; filament_max_volumetric_speed = 15
; filament_notes = "List of materials tested with standart PLA print settings for MK2:\n\nDas Filament\nEsun PLA\nEUMAKERS PLA\nFiberlogy HD-PLA\nFillamentum PLA\nFloreon3D\nHatchbox PLA\nPlasty Mladeč PLA\nPrimavalue PLA\nProto pasta Matte Fiber\nVerbatim PLA\nVerbatim BVOH"
; filament_soluble = 0
; filament_type = PLA
; first_layer_acceleration = 1000
; first_layer_bed_temperature = 65
; first_layer_extrusion_width = 0.45
; first_layer_speed = 30
; first_layer_temperature = 215
; gcode_comments = 0
; gcode_flavor = marlin
; infill_acceleration = 2000
; infill_first = 0
; layer_gcode = ;AFTER_LAYER_CHANGE\n;[layer_z]
; max_fan_speed = 100
; max_layer_height = 0.25
; max_print_speed = 100
; max_volumetric_extrusion_rate_slope_negative = 0
; max_volumetric_extrusion_rate_slope_positive = 0
; max_volumetric_speed = 0
; min_fan_speed = 100
; min_layer_height = 0.07
; min_print_speed = 15
; min_skirt_length = 4
; notes =
; nozzle_diameter = 0.4
; only_retract_when_crossing_perimeters = 0
; ooze_prevention = 0
; output_filename_format = [input_filename_base].gcode
; perimeter_acceleration = 800
; post_process =
; printer_notes = Don't remove the following keywords! These keywords are used in the "compatible printer" condition of the print and filament profiles to link the particular print and filament profiles to this printer profile.\nPRINTER_VENDOR_PRUSA3D\nPRINTER_MODEL_MK2\nPRINTER_HAS_BOWDEN
; resolution = 0
; retract_before_travel = 3
; retract_before_wipe = 60%
; retract_layer_change = 0
; retract_length = 4
; retract_length_toolchange = 6
; retract_lift = 0.6
; retract_lift_above = 0
; retract_lift_below = 199
; retract_restart_extra = 0
; retract_restart_extra_toolchange = 0
; retract_speed = 80
; single_extruder_multi_material = 1
; skirt_distance = 2
; skirt_height = 3
; skirts = 1
; slowdown_below_layer_time = 20
; spiral_vase = 0
; standby_temperature_delta = -5
; start_filament_gcode = "M900 K{if printer_notes=~/.*PRINTER_HAS_BOWDEN.*/}200{else}30{endif}; Filament gcode"
; start_gcode = M115 U3.1.0 ; tell printer latest fw version\nM201 X9000 Y9000 Z500 E10000 ; sets maximum accelerations, mm/sec^2\nM203 X500 Y500 Z12 E120 ; sets maximum feedrates, mm/sec\nM204 S1500 T1500 ; sets acceleration (S) and retract acceleration (T)\nM205 X10 Y10 Z0.2 E2.5 ; sets the jerk limits, mm/sec\nM205 S0 T0 ; sets the minimum extruding and travel feed rate, mm/sec\n; Start G-Code sequence START\nT?\nM104 S[first_layer_temperature]\nM140 S[first_layer_bed_temperature]\nM109 S[first_layer_temperature]\nM190 S[first_layer_bed_temperature]\nG21 ; set units to millimeters\nG90 ; use absolute coordinates\nM83 ; use relative distances for extrusion\nG28 W\nG80\nG92 E0.0\nM203 E100\nM92 E140\nG1 Z0.250 F7200.000\nG1 X50.0 E80.0 F1000.0\nG1 X160.0 E20.0 F1000.0\nG1 Z0.200 F7200.000\nG1 X220.0 E13 F1000.0\nG1 X240.0 E0 F1000.0\nG92 E0.0
; temperature = 210
; threads = 4
; toolchange_gcode =
; travel_speed = 120
; use_firmware_retraction = 0
; use_relative_e_distances = 1
; use_volumetric_e = 0
; variable_layer_height = 1
; wipe = 1
; wipe_tower = 0
; wipe_tower_per_color_wipe = 15
; wipe_tower_width = 60
; wipe_tower_x = 180
; wipe_tower_y = 140
; z_offset = 0
; clip_multipart_objects = 1
; dont_support_bridges = 1
; elefant_foot_compensation = 0
; extrusion_width = 0.45
; first_layer_height = 0.2
; infill_only_where_needed = 0
; interface_shells = 0
; layer_height = 0.15
; raft_layers = 0
; seam_position = nearest
; support_material = 1
; support_material_angle = 0
; support_material_buildplate_only = 0
; support_material_contact_distance = 0.15
; support_material_enforce_layers = 0
; support_material_extruder = 1
; support_material_extrusion_width = 0.35
; support_material_interface_contact_loops = 0
; support_material_interface_extruder = 1
; support_material_interface_layers = 2
; support_material_interface_spacing = 0.2
; support_material_interface_speed = 100%
; support_material_pattern = rectilinear
; support_material_spacing = 2
; support_material_speed = 50
; support_material_synchronize_layers = 0
; support_material_threshold = 45
; support_material_with_sheath = 0
; support_material_xy_spacing = 60%
; xy_size_compensation = 0
; bottom_solid_layers = 5
; bridge_angle = 0
; bridge_flow_ratio = 0.8
; bridge_speed = 20
; ensure_vertical_shell_thickness = 1
; external_fill_pattern = rectilinear
; external_perimeter_extrusion_width = 0.45
; external_perimeter_speed = 40
; external_perimeters_first = 0
; extra_perimeters = 0
; fill_angle = 45
; fill_density = 20%
; fill_pattern = cubic
; gap_fill_speed = 40
; infill_every_layers = 1
; infill_extruder = 1
; infill_extrusion_width = 0.45
; infill_overlap = 25%
; infill_speed = 60
; overhangs = 1
; perimeter_extruder = 1
; perimeter_extrusion_width = 0.45
; perimeter_speed = 50
; perimeters = 3
; small_perimeter_speed = 20
; solid_infill_below_area = 0
; solid_infill_every_layers = 0
; solid_infill_extruder = 1
; solid_infill_extrusion_width = 0.45
; solid_infill_speed = 50
; thin_walls = 0
; top_infill_extrusion_width = 0.45
; top_solid_infill_speed = 40
; top_solid_layers = 7

Publié : 08/04/2018 7:53 pm
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Re: MMU Upgrade Unpredictable- Can't Calibrate

If you're sure your temps and Z offset are good (?) and PINDA is not dead, is firmly seated and has a solid connection (wires have been known to break) the reason must be a blockage somewhere.
Things you can check:
- Bondtech spring tension (as low as possible)
- check correct nozzle and heatbreak installation (multiple users have reported incorrectly assembled hotend-see E3D website for official procedure & read carefully!)
- check PTFE seating, length, orientation, make sure chamfer & taper are good
- Filament diameter must not exceed ~1.73mm

People tend to smash the filament down too much, especially if they're coming from glass bed printers. Better start a bit too high.
Check your bed temp. Print a temp tower.
Getting prints to stick is not a typical MMU-related problem, this at least can be solved.
You also mentioned feeder jams, that's the kind of issue you can expect. The forum is full of threads concerning those.

Publié : 11/04/2018 9:20 am
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