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Upgrade MK2S to MK2.5  

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Upgrade MK2S to MK2.5

Well, to offset a few of the posts, I figured I write to say that at least here and until now, the upgrade from the prebuilt MK2S to the self-built MK2.5 has been a success.

Sure, there's a few factors:

I disabled the filament sensor, because I already have a very reliable sensor myself (one of those push switches, that's getting pushed down by the filament - when it runs out, the switch releases, which is detected by the RPI, which then tells OctoPrint to pause). So any problems with it don't apply to me.

I didn't really need the Noctua fan. It does seem to work, but it wasn't super necessary. Noctua makes great, quiet fans - and they're great in PCs. My printer is far away, it can make any noise it wants. But I suppose the old fan was a bit dusty, and I expect Noctua to work reliably for a good while. It's winter and the basement is a bit on the cool side, so heat dissipation isn't an issue.

The removable bed is great. All those times where I had to worry if I'd get a print with a large, flat surface off the bed again (without damaging it at least) - gone. Pick it up, bend it, done. I haven't needed the spatula once. Replacing the bed also fixed the issue with the old bed getting more and more scratched. I don't want to go through freezing the bed and using lemon juice to resurface it, so I've started to accept that sometimes the PEI would just came off with the print, and I'd have to stick some tape over it. Just before the upgrade the print quality deteriorated as well - on one side the print was much less squished to the bed than on the other, even though the bed was cleaned, leveled, calibrated. Upgrading fixed that too - so whatever it was is gone now. The new prints stick to the bed fine, even though my live-adjust-z is higher than before.

The powder coated sheet looks great - though the prints stick to it much much less (despite me using a higher - into the negatives - live-adjust-z value). ABS on that will likely be a nightmare.

Building everything together worked well enough. You get into the habit of switching between the different manuals and the comments, because a lot of times the most important info is actually found in the comments. The gummy bears were delicious. I wouldn't have minded a second bag. Though, I guess I could buy those at the local supermarket. Hmm ...

I'll be right back.

Posted : 28/12/2018 2:46 pm
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Re: Upgrade MK2S to MK2.5

I didn't really need the Noctua fan.

You may not think so, but it has saved me at least once. Object came unstuck, filament everywhere, and it could have been a BIG mess when I found it hours later, but instead filament got stuck in the fan, stopped the fan, which halted the printer. Until we get reliable print-fail-detection, this is the next best thing.

Posted : 03/01/2019 4:20 am