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Prusa XL no live adjust question + mmu2s?  

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Prusa XL no live adjust question + mmu2s?

Will the new XL have potential support to add MMU2S to one of the heads? 

Also I use kapton tape to protect my bed, get superior adhesion, and create a mirror like finish on my products. Will kapton tape sitll be useable with the new XL with its automatic first layers? Or will this result in the first layer being to squished? 

Posted : 25/04/2022 9:58 pm
RE: Prusa XL no live adjust question + mmu2s?

we haven's seen the XL in the wild yet, so we must rely upon supposition, 
It is believed that the XL extruders have built in pressure sensors for Z height calibration, so the liklihood, is that raising the bed height with Kapton, will be automatically sensed by the extruder, 
regards Joan

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Posted : 25/04/2022 11:11 pm
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Thanks for the great answer, I do remember reading about the new sensor and I like the logic you applied here.


What are the chances someone from Prusa might reply about MMU2S support? 
Considering other companies make universal filament swapping devices I have high hopes it will be possible to integrate it somehow. 

I am interested in purchasing the 5 headed XL but would love to have the extra color potential for some special request I may get even at the added expensive of a purge tower and extra work of an MMU2S.

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Posted : 26/04/2022 3:07 am
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RE: Prusa XL no live adjust question + mmu2s?

I did reach out to PRUSA a a few weeks ago.  The MMU2 will NOT be supported in the XL and there is no plan for them to support this (response received via email).  The official position is the 5 head option supports the same functionality as the MMU2 and therefore there is no need to support the MMU2. 

I asked the question as I wanted to purchase the MMU2 for my MKS3+, then move it to my 2 head XL, saving me from buying all 5 heads for different colors only... NOW I'm looking at purchasing it with 4 or 5 heads due to the inability to handle the MMU2.

While the previous statements are "fact"... The following is based solely on speculation:  The MMU2 has several issues, especially with reliability, and these issues present complex engineering challenges based on its underlying design and aspects of printing outside the control of loading/unloading alone.  By moving to 5 swappable heads and not supporting the MMU, Prusa circumvents having the solve those engineering challenges, which almost certainly are not straightforward or they would have fixed them with the MMU2 or a version 3 already!.


Posted : 18/05/2022 7:20 pm