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Non-planar printing for Prusa XL on SLICER  

Bruno Bragatto
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Non-planar printing for Prusa XL on SLICER

I would love to know, now with the arrival of the Prusa XL, if there will be any non-planar printing feature in the Prusa Slicer to save the number of filament changes.

Posted : 12/03/2022 12:45 am
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RE: Non-planar printing for Prusa XL on SLICER

The feature would be interesting, since the new Revo type hot and doesn’t seem to have a bed sensor dangling down, that’s increasing the pitch that a planer printing load could cover.

Posted : 20/03/2022 5:51 pm
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RE: Non-planar printing for Prusa XL on SLICER



Perhaps you should read your Prusa XL manual  and see if it's possible. if it's not in there maybe you should look in PrusaSlicer with your Prusa XL printer selected and see if you can do it there.





The Filament Whisperer

Posted : 04/04/2022 4:55 am
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RE: Non-planar printing for Prusa XL on SLICER

Non-planar printing is simply a Slicer-only issue that even my MKS3+ could do if I use a Slicer that supports planar printing.  Pretty sure here?

Solution for today you could investigate:  You should be able to do this in Slic3r (At least, a custom experimental build of Slic3r)!  There are detailed tutorials for this, and it does require a reasonable computer to do the associated math (Avoid Raspberry Pi's). 

Speculation and recommendation to getting it on the wish list: Probably not available as a part of XL, and really XL doesn't matter in this.  It would be good to search for and tag or start a new thread over in the Prusa Slicer suggestion topic of the forum... The dev's watch that, and if enough people ask, there is a possibility someday they would add it, especially given the resources Prusa are dedicating to Prusa Slicer development.  I just don't see any reason why it would be tied to XL development in anyway.


Posted : 18/05/2022 7:36 pm