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FYI, another 'XL' ...  

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FYI, another 'XL' ...

Not a Prusa product, but I thought you might want to see this for comparison.

I just got a spa^H^H^Hfriendly email today from the Ultimaker folks, as I have had one of their printers (S5) for over two years now.

Their Latest And Greatest printer is indeed badged 'XL' and has a print volume of 305 x 305 x 320, or somewhat smaller than the Prusa XL.  This is also a bit smaller in the X dimension than the S5 I have.

Surf here for details:

Take a look at the price, and compare to the Prusa XL.

No, I will most likely not be purchasing either XL printer.  The ones I have (Prusa and Ultimaker) do all that I need.

Postato : 24/05/2023 12:19 am
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RE: FYI, another 'XL' ...

In all fairness, this printer comes not only with a simple enclosure but an actively heated enclosure up to 100°C. That creates a substantially higher engineering challenge to the gantry and extrusion system. I am not aware of any printers of that size with 100°C active heated print chambers that would be much cheaper than that. Maybe the Funmat HT comes close in both regards and costs "only" 6000 EUR.

Now, the question is if that feature is worth 7000-8000 EUR extra to you of course.

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Postato : 24/05/2023 6:42 am
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RE: FYI, another 'XL' ...

ORIGINAL PRUSA MK4 KIT - Full step-by-step video assembly guide!

>ORIGINAL PRUSA MINI+ Full video assembly guide!

Postato : 24/05/2023 7:13 am
RE: FYI, another 'XL' ...

Ouch, the size is not the only thing that went XL.  That price will kill your wallet.  

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Postato : 24/05/2023 10:08 am
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RE: FYI, another 'XL' ...

right , im gonna pay 3 times the price, and not even have the TOOL CHANGER?    I'm good, ill wait till my XL gets here.  Thats no shot at Ultimake, they make great products, I just don't see how they can justify the prices they charge anymore, we're all past that dude.

Postato : 24/05/2023 1:47 pm