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Weight of the finished part  

Rainer Asmus
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Weight of the finished part


i have a wish for further release (maybe the next).

I am interested in the calculated weight of the finished part. That means the weight of the used plastic material without the weight of the support and also  material which does not belong to the part itself. E.g. the brim and skirt.



Publié : 08/05/2021 10:06 am
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RE: Weight of the finished part

This is a user to user forum.  The devs rarely come here.  All feature requests need to be made over at the Prusa Slicer github.  That is located here   Issues raised there get a proper issue number and are tracked by the dev team.  

Please be sure to follow the guidelines there and search to make sure your request hasn't already been made.  Given there are over 1600 github entries its pretty likely.

As a work around with the current software why not just do some basic math ?  Note down the weight of filament used on your slice.  Then turn off supports and skirts etc and reslice.  Note down new weight.  First weight - second weight gets you the part weight.  Simple subtraction.

Publié : 08/05/2021 10:40 am
g monkey
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RE: Weight of the finished part

PS gives you a breakdown of the time taken to print support/brim/etc material so I use this as a proxy to get the approximate finished weight.

Publié : 19/05/2021 12:46 pm
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