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Slicer bug on supports?  

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Slicer bug on supports?

One of the parts I sliced for my Mk4 (recent upgrade from Mk3) using the newest PrusaSlicer generated some unusual supports. I had it set to 'Snug' supports, using the PLA Speed profile, changed for the Snug, supports everywhere, and with the overhang angle set to zero so it would decide where to put them. What it did is shown below. I put two blue arrows on the picture to highlight what I am referring to. There are two vcry thin columns of support material on the left of the opening, while there is a much wider/thicker normal column of support to the right of the arrows. The two thin ones did print, barely, they are so tall and thin that they were wobbling around as the print head added new layers to them. The leftmost one was only a millimeter or so wide and thick - never seen that happen before. All the other parts I've printed with the latest version have always generated several loops of support material, and always all the way across the opening. I just re-sliced the project, and it did the same exact thing, so it was not a one-time error, its reproduceable.

Prusa Support - I am including the project file, gcode file and the Step file in a Zip file if you want to take a close look at this one.

Slicer Support bug?

Posted : 01/10/2023 10:32 pm