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Moons 0.9 motors - Use on MK3.9?  

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Moons 0.9 motors - Use on MK3.9?


I have a heavily modified modified MK3s. It has a bear frame, LGX extruder, mosquito hotend, the works.

After reading a post about VFA and how to mitigate the issue, I bought some Moons 0.9 stepper motors. I've modified the original firmware to allow me to use the motors and they work great! I'm over the moon (heh) about the MK4 coming out and already purchased the MK3 -> MK4 upgrade. You can probably already guess my question but could I have just bought the 3.9 upgrade and use my own motors? I could have saved $80! Are there any other differences? I wonder if a Prusa rep could reply and let me know if the motors are compatible!


Posted : 01/04/2023 11:24 pm