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4.6.2 Firmware for Original Prusa MK4  

Same Old Shane
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4.6.2 Firmware for Original Prusa MK4

Hello all;

Here is our latest update to the MK4 firmware. These address some parts of the self test.


  • Adjustments to the Selftest

Note: this release is focused on the MK4 and has no effect on the XL.

Adjustments to the Selftest

The Selftest procedure was adjusted for this release, specifically the speed of movements on the X/Y-axes and the sensitivity of the stallguard.

There is no need to re-run the selftest, if your printer is already successfully calibrated.

Download firmware here;

To update the firmware;
Copy the firmware file (.bbf) onto the USB drive with FAT32 formatting Insert the flash drive in the MK4's USB port Turn the printer ON (or reboot it) A new screen will appear Confirm you want to flash the firmware

Shane (AKA FromPrusa)

Posted : 17/05/2023 4:35 am
RE: 4.6.2 Firmware for Original Prusa MK4

4.6.4 is now availabel:


Posted : 13/06/2023 11:11 am
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