Definition of unattended operation for 3D printers
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Definition of unattended operation for 3D printers  

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Definition of unattended operation for 3D printers


I am working to create a 3D printer business model. There is a concept of "unattended operation" that needs to be defined.

For example, if you worked in a casino, then you would be under surveillance. There would be clear parameters of how you are to move your body and how you are to look at things around you. In a casino, your attention must never become distracted from your assigned task and if you are observed doing any such action then you could expect to be corrected by your superior.

Likewise, in banks there is a policy of "dual control" when money is counted. The two employees must be on camera and if the video reveals that one of the people was not paying proper attention to the task then the standard for dual control was broken.

Has anybody explored the thought process to creating an industry standard that defines practices and procedures to never fall into being unattended 3D printer operation?

Can these industry accepted and industry defined procedures (focused on unattended operation) be followed in a way that are very stringent when needed? And then relaxed when the practices are considered overkill? EX: Imagine a machine at your job that spits out your company's product, widgets. It has been operating reliably for 2 years and quality control can only find 0.01% imperfections in the machine's output. But something unknown has changed and now the reject rate has jumped to 30% failure rate. There are quality control and quality assurance practices that can be triggered to be deployed when this event happens.

I'm not trying to land a mission to Mars, here. I am looking only for a starting point that can help define how to approach or how to step away from 100% attended operation. After that, then I may also be interested in some sort of logging records that must be periodically performed by the assigned operator. I only want the gaps in the events to show that there was unattended operation at the time the print failed.

Posted : 22/04/2022 12:16 pm